Rus News Journal

For murderers of the collector compensation of 100 thousand rbl.

the Militia is ready to pay this money for trustworthy information which will help to solve a crime.

the Regional Department of Internal Affairs declared that will pay large monetary compensation for trustworthy information about the criminals who have shot collectors on Monday, on February, 14th, in the street Borodino, 14 ( for February, 15th ).

we Will remind that approximately in 11. 30 on a porch of institute DalNiIs two unknown persons in the face of many people have attacked the collectors who were taking out from a building a bag from 2,3 million of roubles. One of collectors, the ensign of private security Sergey Filippov, have been killed on the spot, the second security guard has got wound.

the Lost ensign of militia Sergey Filippov.

Murderers have disappeared together with money on grey to a Corolla approximately 1989 of release. The declared plan Interception has not brought results.

the consequence should solve many riddles. Till now it is not clear, how much the person shot at collectors.

- One person from two pistols simultaneously Scorched, - one of eyewitnesses told then to field investigators. - and its workmate selected at this time a bag with money...

however on a scene 7 sleeves from TT pistols have been found, and sleeves have been scattered as if would shoot from two different points.

so how much was marksmen?

it is not clear as well behaviour of gangsters right after murders. Together with money they have rushed to the car where they were expected by the driver. However the car has disappeared not on the main journey conducting on street Borodino. Criminals got out on narrow twisting road, court yard deducing to KBO the Snowflake in the street Gamarnika. It appear at this time on a way the casual car, they could not part. And after all the crime, without doubts, has been carefully planned. What for was so to risk?

now field investigators conduct investigation and hope for the help of the population. The compensation sum officially is not informed, however, according to some information, to the informant can pay to 100 thousand roubles - depending on value of data.

it is necessary to call by phones: (22 214 - 216, 43 - 80 - 50, 43 - 80 - 45, 43 - 80 - 52 .