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As in the Ussuriisk taiga considered the Amur tigers

the Huntsman before an exit in wood cajoled local wood god Egzo - poured in a glass of vodka and pokropili it four parts of the world. If Egzo has heard - the sun shines. The first data on number of a rare beast will be known in the summer.

To the hunting economy the Southern valley which is in Olginsky area, we have reached late at night on February, 10th - in the first day of the single account of the Amur tiger. The owner of an economy Vladimir Aramilev has covered a table. Itself was nervous, though to a kind did not submit. From time to time it left in a shade and conducted serious conversation with young huntsmen. And here has sat down to table to us, has up to the top poured to itself a vodka wine-glass, has drunk at one draught. Also admitted:

- At us the tally keeper was gone. But only that search expedition, at it it`s OK has returned. It has appeared, a route long, went long. Communications are not present, we, of course, very much worried about it.

then he has explained that the account of a tiger is not only very expensive and difficult action, but also dangerous. And business not only that people trail, left a predator whom it is better not to meet. And not that this winter brown bears have not gone to bed, till now wander on a taiga. Pathfinders go on dark one. And happen with them everything can. The person can twist a foot or in an ice-hole to fail. And streams here though also small, but very fast, the stream forces down from feet and sucks in under ice.

how to cajole wood god

Vladimir Aramilev: - the Main thing conscientiousness!

Day of the pathfinder begins early in the morning. Lifting, a breakfast - and on skis. To a route of children by cars deliver deeply a taiga. Each of them in day passes kilometres on twenty.

before the beginning of the new working day Vladimir Aramilev who is one of 15 co-ordinators of the account, spends a political information. Reminds that tally keepers participate in historical event. Anywhere in the world of similar large-scale actions under the account of large predators it is not spent. Realise responsibility! The problem of the participant of this unique action - honesty to measure each met trace of a tiger, whenever possible to define a beast sex, age and to bring the information in a special diary.

is only Dersu Uzala could, having looked at a trace, at once to define, it belongs to what tiger - to the male or a female, how much the beast weighs, how old is he. Usually to the person to draw such conclusions, it is necessary to think very well, - Aramilev addresses taezhnikov.

the Marching set of the tally keeper.

Children part on routes. At everyone a ski from below furred that did not slide at lifting uphill. In a backpack a ruler, matches, a thermos, falshfejer. The Fire-arms are not present.

Day for the account has stood out the approaching. Clearly, frosty. It is the huntsman on the eve of the account have cajoled local wood god Egzo. Have poured in a glass of vodka and pokropili it four parts of the world. Egzo has heard - the second day shines the sun.

Ideal weather for the account of tigers - the fifth - the sixth day after a snowfall.

Ideal weather for the account - the fifth - the sixth day after a snowfall. It is connected, Sergey Aramilev with whom we have gone tells to consider traces, that at a tiger the way of life: it to itself(himself) has extracted a forage and until it will not eat, from it far does not depart. Means, within a week from the lezhki a nose in a taiga will not put out. And here then, when the predator becomes hungry and malicious, it applies all skill of the hunter, is carefully stolen, on neskolku hours waits for the wild boars walking on a slope of a hill. During hunting it it is right on an error has no - its throws are lightning and pritselny. And to extract to itself meal, the beast should go much. And it leaves many traces.

the Trace of a tiger.

Here they! Between trees the chain of traces has run. Sergey stops, measures them.

- The Width of a heel of the male - 11,6 see the Trace combined is means that the predator put paws a trace in a trace, therefore it is impossible to define, where a lobby where back, - the young biologist tells. - Here it was about five days ago.

Sergey brings the Data in a diary, and the met print stakes. For a day in its diary has appeared eight new records. But only the co-ordinator will define, how much actually tigers were left by these traces.

on base in the Southern valley tally keepers come back towards evening. Day has passed without undue incident. One of these days they should pass one more route.

as the person with the computer has argued

this year to consider tigers to people the computer helps.

After more than 600 tally keepers within all winter combed up and down a huge Ussuriisk taiga and collected each trace noticed by them, all information is flown down to 15 co-ordinators of the account. The new stage of work - an expert estimation begins. Experts define, how much tigers live in concrete territory. To solve this problem, scientists should operate not only dry mathematical calculations, but call to the aid knowledge of district and intuition.

This year to consider tigers to people the computer helps. Into it load the collected material, and it gives out the information. However here again the person with clever car argues. Here an example. On algorithm working off looked one site. Aramilev has defined that in its territory there live five individuals. The computer speaks: no, four. Began to understand, who is right. It has appeared that two male nearby resides, the size of a heel at they is 11,5 the Computer see has counted it as one beast. Aramilev knows that here there passes a federal line, it for animals is natural border which they, as a rule, do not pass. And the scientist has agreed to differ.

last large-scale account of the Amur tiger passed in the winter of 1996. Then scientists have counted in the Ussuriisk taiga nearby 450 krasnoknizhnyh cats. How much now - this account will show them. The first given scientists will publish in the summer.

Who spends the account

This winter the account of the Amur tiger spend Upravlenie Rosprirodnadzora on Seaside and Khabarovsk edges, Primorkrajohotupravlenie, Habarovskkrajohotupravlenie, DVO the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Society of preservation of wild animals (WCS), the World fund of the wild nature (WWF). Means for its carrying out have allocated large international funds. However this year in business of studying of a tiger the powerful contribution was brought also by the Russian government - it has spent for the account of a rare beast 1 million 600 thousand roubles .

we Will count

For the work tally keepers are foresters, the huntsman, hunters and ohotovedy - receive money. For one day of the single account taezhnik has earned 25 dollars . Qualitatively filled diary for all period of the account costs 75 dollars .

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