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Alexander LOJE: Me confused with red « Ivanushkoj »

Our correspondent has met with star the boy. Last week Sasha has arrived for the first time to Vladivostok. In theatre of Bitter has passed performance the Trio in which he has played together with Emmanuilom Vitorganom, Evgeniej Krjukovoj and Dmitry Isaevym.

In 90 - e years Sasha Loje was a star of a children`s newsreel Jumble . Its red head of hear flashed in many plots. Loje represented the chess player, played one party for a two, the weakling who has fought with a pillow, the son whom mum has sent to walk under supervision of a dog. And the image of hooligan Sidorov in advertising " became deification of creativity of Sashi; Hershi - koly . Since then the boy was gone from TV screens and again has appeared only in 2001 in serial Next. And since recent time of Loje began to participate in theatrical performances.

the Inquiry

Alexander Loje was born in Moscow in 1983.
on a horoscope - the Lion.
for the first time has acted in film in 5 years - has played the rural boy in a film Dubrovsky . Then films " have followed; Tranti - Vanti Dreams On Deribassovsky good weather... and others. With 1992 for 1995 Sasha actively acted in film in a newsreel Jumble . In the senior classes took creative holiday .
the First adult a role - Fedechka in serial Next.
this year Sasha ends theatrical school of Schepkin.
loves the big cars, tequila and group Rammstein. Is afraid to fly by planes.
since the childhood wears glasses, suffers affliction short-sightedness.

Simeon Farada made me cry

Alexander Loje.

Alexander Loje has grown and has turned from the charming boy to the judicious guy. It as burrs also same ognenno - red. But the children`s charm has lost irrevocably. 21 - summer Sasha and it understands. Therefore diligently runs from the developed image of the mischievous person.

- I and in the childhood was the serious child, - tells Sasha. - And me always forced to play hooligans. My soul very much opposed to it.

In a roller about aerated water Hershi - kolu 10 - summer Loje has reincarnated in freaky and otvjaznogo dvoechnika Vova Sidorov. Thanks to water with the indecent name Sidorov has received a three in chemistry. Many remember a Semipankovsky hairdress and Vova`s mad temperament till now.

- actually I very much was afraid to play, - remembers dvoechnik . - My contemporaries who played Sidorov`s schoolmates, watched me, as Egyptian vultures. Children`s envy...

to Envy was to that. Loje by then was already known hero Jumble . By the way, till now Sasha is considered the champion of a newsreel on number of plots. He has acted in film in 12 episodes, such anybody could not repeat yet.

most easier to the boy it was gave the Duel . In this roller it represented the weak little boy who on the offender has vented the rage on a pillow.

- All fight with a pillow was put by the professional stuntman. Therefore I almost did not do tricks, spoke more. And here the strongest difficulties were called by a plot the Fatal meeting . Simeon Farada has played principals, and I am a pupil who has managed to finish it to a hospital cot. Then eyes strongly were ill me, in them constantly dripped atropine. Was very sick to work on brightly shined platform, I almost saw nothing. Besides a farad called me a flood of tears the comical kind. And I simply could not concentrate.

I have played a demobilisation in the Chechen Republic

Performance the Trio became a theatrical debut of Sashi. Director Peter Shtejn has quickly found executors of roles of composers Brams and Schuman - actors Dmitry Isaeva and Emmanuila Vitorgana. And here with an embodiment of an image of little-known composer Johima there were problems. SHtejn has tried a heap of applicants, but it has arranged nothing.

- I went as - that on the to Volga nebesno - blue colour, - emotionally tells Loje. - Has braked about a traffic light. Near to me the car in which Shtejn and the producer went has stopped. We have looked against each other. And I have heard, as Peter has told: Here this red also it is necessary to me . So I also have got in Trio .

the First film work the adult Loje there was serial Next in which he has played Fedechku, son Alexander Abdulov. And the latest film of Sashi - Storm gate . It was removed by director Andrey Miljukov known on serials Special troops and Saboteurs .

Gate are removed on the basis of real events. In 2000 in Argunsky gorge on 6 - ju the Pskov company the Chechen insurgents have attacked. From 98 commandoes then only 4 persons have escaped. From 2,5 thousand attack planes have been killed more than 400.

- I play the sergeant, the grandfather which drives two protagonists of a film, - tells Sasha. - role very unusual to me. By the way, I one of the few will survive. The picture leaves on screens in the autumn of this year.

Red, red, freckled

Red Sasha in the childhood naterpelsja from - for colours of the hair. a saffron milk cap directors loved, but here at girls it did not use success. mum why over me all laugh? - the boy when came home cried.

the boy has heard the First declaration of love only in 10 - m a class. More precisely, has read. For the Valentine day someone has thrown to it valentinku. You very beautiful and talented - it said. But Loje then has decided not to search for the destiny.

- I valentinkam not so - that trust these, - he smiles.

As a result the love has gushed over Sashu only after school. It met the girl almost year, they have left on December, 30th, 2001. Since then the actor stores secret of the personal relations. With bolshej hunting he tells about hated earlier to a subject - colour of its hair.

- when I have a little grown up, me have started to confuse to Andrey Grigoriev - Apollonovym from Ivanushek - Sasha admits. - On - to mine, we with it are not similar. But both red. To me have stopped to be converted: Hey, Ivanushka! only after there was serial Next.

Ryzhinoj Sasha has gone to great-grandfather Vsevoloda Evgenevicha. Though it is quite possible that it is a family legend. On it is black - white photos of that time orange colour not to distinguish in any way. Besides anybody from relatives of Sashi red colour is more has not been noted. But it is pleasant to realise link of times through hair.

Alexander Loje`s five best films: