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Gays will conclude marriages in Bashkiria?!

the deputy of State meeting Edward Murzin has composed the bill, lealizujushchy unisex love
As already informed (look from February, 20th), one of deputies of republic Kurultaja has decided to struggle for legalisation of unisex marriages. Edward Murzin selected in State meeting under a name of Edward Husnutdinova, but after its replaced, defends the rights sex - minority for a long time already. Still two months ago he promised to prepare the bill and to submit it for consideration in State meeting. And here has come true
Legal department Kurultaja has given out to the deputy the conclusion that the Family code is in conducting Russia, and the subject of federation, that is Bashkiria, cannot change it. But Edward Murzin does not despond: family and marriage Questions are in joint conducting and the subject and Russia, - Murzin " has informed; - Therefore our State meeting can quite make changes to the Family code.
the Journalist - the legal expert of the newspaper Vesper Neftekamsk suggests to introduce in the main law on a family in our republic only one amendment: to replace in the first part of article 11 the marriage formulation as the voluntary union between the man and the woman on the voluntary union grazhdanvchera it was possible to contact the deputy by phone:
- Why you have decided to struggle for the rights blue ?
- In a society representatives sex - minority make 5 - 10 %. It is necessary to understand that there are other people, not such, as we. And we should accept their such what they to eat and cease to strike at their rights. I have friends, to it for 30 years, they gays. Men live for a long time together. Recently on the general money have bought apartment. And how it to be, if one of them dies? To whom will the apartment get? It turns out that we do not have laws on the rights of these people. Besides in many countries of Europe unisex marriages are resolved, for example, in Germany and Belgium.
- and you are not afraid that you most will write down in blue ?
- Me already on - to everyone named, therefore I am afraid of nothing. On a broader scale - that at me is the wife...
- for our republic more plural marriage pressing question.
- Me the European traditions are closer. And if it is fair, with one - that the wife sometimes you do not know what to do, and when they a little Are not present, I do not support a plural marriage.
- you think, the Committee will place your bill for consideration State meeting?
- I Hope that will take out. In parliament there are people who support me. Though, of course, the majority of deputies tell what for it is necessary to you?
- When finish work on this bill what offer parliament?
- I Want to suggest to make the second language in Bashkiria English. This language should know all. After all without it in the modern world to manage very difficultly.
the COMMENT of not STRANGER Maxim, the Ufa gay:
- I and many my friends both hands for . In Ufa under the informal data not less than 8 thousand persons of nonconventional orientation. At whom are money, go to be registered abroad - in the Dignity - Frantsisko, the Netherlands such marriages has no Validity, but is created though any illusion of a family. The big problem - property relations, in it I agree with the deputy. How apartment to divide in case of divorce?! Anyway, all of us equally feel derelicts. And after all in an everyday life we usual people also want to have all rights of the citizen of the country.

and how you think?
Dear readers! What do you think of the initiative of the deputy? A leah it is necessary to resolve unisex marriages? The author waits for your calls to Monday and Tuesday with 12. 00 to 14. 00 on bodies. In Ufa: 50 - 69 - 98, 23 - 47 - 62.