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The governor has tired out deputies and the zamov in mounts

While Alexander Hloponin came to see students on building of Boguchansky HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, some tens assistants to the governor and deputies of Legislative Assembly have gone to expedition on the south of Krasnoyarsk region, in national park Ergaki . (It is planned that the next two years Ergaki become a special tourist zone which will involve even foreign travellers.) Together with politicians to submit mounts there have gone spouses and girlfriends, and also the journalist.

before rising in mounts, the assistant to the governor Sergey Sokol has held a meeting with representatives of administration of Ermakovsky area and local schoolboys.

- at your region the big prospects, - Sergey Sokol has declared at meeting. - in the near future new skiing lodges that will allow to hold in Ergakah the international competitions by traditional and youth kinds of winter sports here will be created.

right after meetings deputies and assistants have gone to reserve.

within the next few days you will find the big reporting from which learn, how much mounts Valentina Bibikov has subdued, what songs were sung at a fire by Yury Abakumov and that have told in exclusive interview Irina and Sergey Sokoly.