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Bread in Krasnoyarsk will not rise in price

On Monday the general director of Open Company “ Emeljanovsky “ Anatoly Adashkin has declared that the prices for grain will rise in the near future at least on 10 %. The rise in price reasons banal­ cold winter, the droughty June, expensive fuel.

­ I can declare with responsibility: at those difficulties which are tested by business executives, at their scanty profits, bread should rise in price a minimum three times,­ Anatoly Adashkin has confirmed.

However of regional committee on pricing us have assured that rise in prices at one private enterprise will not play any role on “ grain “ the market.

­ price of bread will not grow in the near future,­ Tatyana Krylov, a deputy head on control over regional administration pricing has officially declared.­ I can calm Krasnoyarsk citizens: the agriculture agency reports about flour enough. Wheat crop promises to be good. Now it is impossible to do any forecasts concerning the prices for the next months. The situation will be cleared up after harvesting, in October.

all largest manufacturers of bread in Krasnoyarsk have declared that the question on a raising of the prices for a product number one is not necessary.

­ Cost of the most running “ firm “ bread on retail remains former­ 11 roubles of 80 copecks, the­ general director of Open Society " has assured; Krasnoyarsk bread “ Evgenie Bondarev.

by the way

In a month each Krasnoyarsk citizen eats on 9 kg of bread

As has informed us Krasnojarskstat, in 2006 on one person in a month it is necessary 9 kg of bread (for example, in 1990 Krasnoyarsk citizens ate 7 kg).

Year from a year grows popularity of rye bread, but nevertheless wheaten loaves are at Siberians the leader. In 80 % of cases they appear on our tables.


How much hlebushek in house conditions

We have decided to check up the recipe: Whether more cheaply to bake house bread in an oven?

Having consulted to bakers, we have found out that on 1 big loaf it is required:

420 ml of water.

675 g a white grain flour (8 roubles).

2 ch. L. Salts.

0,5 items of l. Sugar (30 copecks).

3 items of l. Butter (4 roubles).

0,5 ch. L. Dry yeast (1 rouble).

2 items of l. Dried milk (1,5 roubles).

Zamesit dough from all specified components to place in the form and to bake in an oven at temperature 175ÎŃ 30 minutes. 5 minutes prior to readiness to strew the top crust a flour.

It has turned out that the loaf in weight in 1,5 kg from our ovens will manage approximately in 15 roubles. While “ store “ a roll it is powerful 700­ 800 grammes there are on the average 10­ 11 roubles.

It turns out that the furnace is a bit more favourable. Without considering, of course, spent time …


How to check up quality of a loaf?

Natalia Krasnopeeva, press secretary Rospotrebnadzora ­ across Krasnoyarsk region:

­ Cork porosity at a good loaf uniform, without " should not lag behind a crumb; the stranger “ a smell.

all complaints to quality of bread are accepted to the address: street Karatanova, 21.