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On the person at Stinga - any wrinkle!

Krasnoyarsk citizens Julia Leonov and Ivan Konoplyov in radio competition have won tickets for a unique concert of Stinga which has passed on July, 26th in the Moscow sport centre Olympic .

Lucky beggars even managed to meet a world celebrity behind side scenes and to receive the treasured autograph.

the concert lasted about two hours, Julia has told. On a warming up at Stinga his son, 28 sang Joe Samner, unfortunately, did not hear it because at this time communicated with Stingom. Us have spent for a scene where it prepared for performance. I was dumbfounded also could tell nothing. The meeting with a live legend has made tremendous impression upon me! To me it was not believed that near to me there is a favourite musician and it is possible to touch it. Though to time to its part remains very little, Sting with all has had time to be photographed and give all autographs. We amicably asked it How are you and he only smiled and nodded. I did not expect that, despite age, Sting looks so well. On it there was a usual T-shirt and trousers of marsh colour, and on a chest on a simple string the amulet in the form of a canine hung. I was surprised that at it absolutely smooth person - any wrinkle. At a meeting with us, the stunned fans, he behaved as the present Englishman - has been constrained, slightly smiled, all has concerned validly, without pathos of a star of a world scale. And at a concert spectators have been shaken, when Sting has executed Russian hit Kalinkamalinka .

The concert and a unique meeting of fans with a star has organised Alpha bank .

Tatyana Kosmacheva, the PR director for bank public relations, asserts that in distribution of happy tickets all was fair:

We have spent draw in 11 cities of Russia, Tatyana has told. - Fans needed to answer the questions connected with creativity and life of the singer. We have handed over to winners tickets for a concert, and also have agreed, that children have started up on the closed party of Stinga where stars of the Russian show business and sports

the Party have gathered only was called Maps, the money, two trunks in honour of a film in which Sting acted in film. The musician sat in VIP and to fans any more was not shown. But on this party there were many Russian star visitors who too were interesting for seeing alive - Sergey Penkin, Jeanne Friske, Nikolay Fomenko, a film star Shadow-fighting Denis Nikiforov and others.