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In park of Bitter the new station

townspeople has opened Today can estimate new children`s railway station which has opened in park of Bitter. Hundreds children and adults will sweep on tiny parovozikah.

­ To 70­ëĺňíĺěó to anniversary of the children`s railway we have restored and have updated carriages, - the employee of press service ­ of the Krasnoyarsk railway Olga Voronezhsky tells­,­ the road is completely modernised, on steam locomotives have established the same traffic lights that work on the big railway.

on park two brand new locomotives, modern colourful carriages will go now. Putejtsy have replaced old cross ties, have established new index signs, have repaired moving and deadlocks. Have repaired depot and passenger pavilions at stations. And at new station there was electronic pulttablo­, a specifying flight and route time.

By the way, for 70 years of work the former train of the Krasnoyarsk children`s railway of 5 times has rounded earth equator. For a season the train makes to 900 departures. And for a summer more than 30 000 children have time to sweep on tiny parovozikah.


to Sweep on new parovozike to kiddies it is possible for 40 roubles (one flight), and to parents - for 50 roubles. The children`s road works daily with 11. 00 to 16. 00, target­ Monday.

and at this time

In a city there was the “ the Moscow path “

On the prospectus the Krasnoyarsk worker, 93 prepares opening of new square “ the Moscow path “. It have made to the fiftieth anniversary of the present Moscow path. Throughout all park it is located five breadboard models of stations: Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok. In the end the symbol of Vladivostok a­ beacon with the ship on the end is established­.

­ “ the Moscow path “ It is unique that it in accuracy copies those cities through which took place a path, - ­ Julia Chesnokova has told the press secretary ­ of administration of the Kirov area. - Still trees and bushes of valuable breeds, at each station - different there are planted.

and Krasnoyarsk is decorated by a municipal arm. Celebratory opening will begin on Friday, on August, 4th, in 12. 30.

this day mayor Peter Pimashkov together with the head of the Kirov area will pass a symbolical key from square to children working in labour groups. The feast will come to the end with a concert and grandiose fireworks from balloons.