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Svetlana Burenko gives advice for all occasions

Dear visitors of a site! I continue our new heading Advice from Svety . Thanks for calls and letters which arrive to me. I will necessarily try to answer all questions interesting you.

Phone (3912 59 17 72, a fax (3912 59 17 82. The electronic address: burenko@kras. The Mailing address: 660022, Krasnoyarsk, Nikitin`s street, 3, newspaper edition .

How to hand over the TV back?

Hello! Very much it would be desirable, that you have advised what to do with the poor-quality goods. About half a year back I have bought the colour TV. In this time he has had time to break already 2 times! When I was converted into shop, to me have told that will repair the TV. But jato I want to return money, what for to me the altered thing? And managers pochemuto refuse it. It is said that they so do not do. Really nothing can be made?

Irina, Krasnoyarsk.

actually it is much more favourable to shop to repair the goods, than to give for it money, has explained the Novel Shevtsov, the lawyer of the Krasnoyarsk society of protection of the rights of consumers. Another matter that Irina is absolutely right. Under the law it has a just cause to return the TV back. For this purpose it is necessary to write the application in duplicate and to give it to that shop where it and has been got. If within 10 days after filing of application money is not returned, it is necessary to be converted into court. It concerns and vozvrataobmena other home appliances.

the traffic light Has broken - call 002!

Hello, Svetlana! Where it is possible to be converted concerning the broken traffic light? On a crossroads it does not work two weeks for us. And after all there very brisk movement and to pass road it is unsafe. I called in different services, but nobody has reacted. And then, if, God forbid, there will be a failure, anybody and will not respond for such disgrace!

Alina Petrov, Krasnoyarsk.

as have explained in press service of traffic police, causes of defect trehglazogo the friend can be a little. Absence of an electricity concerns them in that house to which the traffic light, and technical malfunctions in him is attached also. To solve a problem, it is possible to call by phone 002. The operator will accept the demand and will hand over to special service the information. However, to tell precisely, for what time a malfunction will correct, not always probably.