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Seven boys were gone in Krasnoyarsk

Teenagers have escaped from camp to celebrate Day of the metallurgist. They are not present four days

On Saturday, on July, 16th, about ten mornings from camp the Pine pine forest Suhobuzimsky area two boys were gone. By a dinner - three more. As a result in the evening in camp were not counted a seven. Tutors were converted into militia only next day.

all gone - pupils of a Krasnoyarsk boarding school 107.

- Them take away in camp for three seasons, and they, probably, miss city life, - the inspector on affairs of minors of the Soviet area of Vera Evtushenko speaks. - Conditions in camp good, but children run every day. And come back. However that seven have left at once and for a long time - such yet was not.

- We managed to find out that teenagers wanted to look at a free concert in Day of the metallurgist and fireworks, - Vladimir Varaksin, the chief of department of the organisation of activity of divisions on affairs of minors of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of edge speaks. - in crowd before a concert hall of all seven the tutor of a boarding school saw, but could not detain. By the way, four from the gone stand on the account as inclined to vagrancy, two last year were late for theft.

a three have caught

From seven gone boys while three are found. Victor Kovalchuka have detained in three days after runaway at attempt to steal a cellular telephone. To the second, Nikita Sisinu, it was possible to run away. On Tuesday evening it and Vasily Shvaleva have found on apartment of relatives of Shvaleva. Where there are other four - on a broader scale it is not known.

Now the militia checks addresses where there can be teenagers. It seems that only people in epaulets are not indifferent to destiny of boys. Children - orphans, anybody from relatives is not interested in them. Teachers tremble for official authority more. The head of department of education of Krasnoyarsk Nina Zhilinsky through four (!!!) Day after disappearance of children has declared:

- I will not tell anything, yet I will not report on the regional heads. And, on a broader scale, we hope that children by a supper will gather.

in Krasnoyarsk which has not departed yet after tragedy with boys in Leninsk area, hardly someone will divide such optimism. Anyway, militiamen were converted today behind the help to all townspeople. Orientations with photos of boys will appear in all crowded places.

by the way

the Boarding school 107 - the most bad in Russia?

last year to Krasnoyarsk region there came with check the chief of department of children`s homes and boarding schools of the Ministry of Education Vladimir Borovik:

- Such awful boarding schools as the Achinsk boarding school 2 and Krasnoyarsk 107, in Russia is not present, - Vladimir Borovik confirms. - I work in the ministry five years, have visited children`s homes of many regions. But such poverty is not present anywhere.

Huge bedrooms on 15 persons, in which of furniture - one beds. State dining rooms with mayonnaise jars instead of glasses. Poor classes in which children spend the most part of day. And a full restlessness of the schoolboy: books in a class, things - in a pantry, and the child rushes about all the day on a huge uncomfortable building, and there is no anywhere a corner with favourite things and photos of the native.

in Krasnoyarsk boarding school N 107 repair was stretched for nine years. Children lived in a gym - beds stood here numbers. Pupils ran from here up hill and down dale. Now, when there was a misfortune, it has appeared that in a private affair of one of boys, Andrey Pljakina, even is not present a photo! Other photos, not the best quality, have collected hardly and not at once. And it besides that children are inclined to vagrancy and this year will run not for the first time.

Attention, search!

Ilya Rukosuev, 1992 year of birth. By sight - 10 - 11 years. Growth of 160 sm, hair light short, a nose of a straight line, an eye light. Has been dressed: a T-shirt dark blue, trousers dark, black krossovki.

Daniel Sysoyev, 1991 year of birth. By sight 11 - 12 years, growth of 150 sm, hair dark, eyes brown, a nose of a straight line, a lip thin. Burrs. Has been dressed: a red T-shirt, dark shorts.

Andrey Pljakin, 1990 year of birth. By sight 14 years, hair fair-haired, lips thick, a chin of a straight line, an eye grey. Has been dressed: a black jumpsuit, black krossovki (the photo in a boarding school has not appeared).

Alexander Feoklistov, 1990 year of birth. By sight 12 - 13 years, growth of 150 sm, hair fair-haired. A straight line nose, a chin acting, eyes blue. Has been dressed: a black jumpsuit, black krossovki.

All who has the information on gone children, call:

(3912 27 - 16 - 85, 66 - 04 - 66, 459 - 440, 23 - 19 - 05 or 02.