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Road to Many will repair

this circle the assistant to the governor Sergey Sokol has visited village Beret, whence Krasnoyarsk having a rest start to be alloyed on Manet. It has personally checked up a road condition, leaders in village, and also has held the meeting devoted to development of tourism in this place.

in the summer - an alloy, and in the winter a­ snowboard

along the river and security of an alloy officials have tested the Cosiness of tourist bases on themselves: eight hours they have spent on a raft.

­ you float - silence, the calmness, pacifying atmosphere,­ Sergey Sokol who has arrived here for the first time has shared the impressions. - knowingly here there come tourists from all regions of Russia … However, road to Bereti not the best. But we understand its importance, therefore since September of this year we will begin repair...

Now on the Mansky reach where some years take place scale festival successively, is not present either communications mediums, or toilets, either shops, or protection­ anything for comfort of skilled tourists and attraction of the new.

­ in the budget of area of means for tourism development it has not been put,­ Victor Shvetsov fulfilling duties of head Berezovsky of area makes comments.­ But we plan to involve here businessmen and then the Mansky reach will be used all year long: is a bathing and an alloy, and in the winter - driving on a snowboard and snowmobiles in the summer.

with phones employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures too have promised a problem to solve. “ cellular “ here will not take, izza ­ surrounding mounts, therefore suggest to use satellite communication.

tourists have stolen a tail from the plane

every Friday on Manu inspectors who watch security of the alloyed leave. But it is not enough of it, therefore in a following season on the Mansky reach want to create a stationary inspection site of the Ministry of Emergency Measures.

­ on Manet in this season has passed about 150 rafts,­ Sergey Komarov, the chief of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Krasnoyarsk region tells.­ This year, thank God, is not rich with accidents. One man who was without a life jacket in a state of intoxication has sunk only. Its friends were drunk so that could not rescue it …

the­ Alloy on Manet - one of the most safe for beginners,­ Alexander Filatov, the instructor in sports tourism confirms.­ All accidents occur only for one reason - people are alloyed in a state of intoxication. And control over tourists is necessary. For example, on one of rocks along the river there was a metal monument in the form of a tail of the plane which very much has broken for a long time on this place. I was here two weeks ago a­ monument still stood, and already it ktoto ­ have dragged off!