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On what cars drive Krasnoyarsk celebrities?

on Wednesday in Krasnoyarsk the new car centre has opened. To ceremony it has been invited more than thousand visitors. Off and on “ meetings “ known people of a city become more and more bright and remembered.

it is interesting that capital stars have been invited to an official part, and little-known in wide ranges excentric musician Steve Barnett not. Dressed in a red dress coat, with one hundred “ African “ plaits on a head, he has created the present orchestra from present public. To everyone has given out a tube and a wooden stick, at the command of the conductor all started to drum.

we have paid attention that Steve Bernett was hardly probable not the most brightly dressed person. Anybody from visitors this evening has not ventured to come in unduly bright dress. The most recognised women of evening­ TV presenter Ekaterina Peshkov and the fashion designer Natalia Agahanova­ have chosen modest dresses. Ekaterina has appeared in elegant chernobelom a ­ dress. And Natalia - in a knitted dress in a strip of simple breed, but the most modest woman has appeared the wife of the known biathlonist of Paul Rostovtsev. Julia has chosen for evening a light jacket with trousers.

on a broader scale, mainly in honour ladies had black and green colours.

at men “ a flight of fancy “ it was limited to strict suits. Sergey Vitkovsky, the biathlonist Paul Rostovtsev, TV presenter Maxim Gurevich became the main conservatives of evening the world champion on free-style wrestling. They have been dressed in classical jackets, trousers, light shirts, at ties.

the wolf skin has appeared the most original costume …: a predator the president of one of Japanese car industries of Tomoaki Nisitani has dressed up.

the Biathlonist Paul Rostovtsev:

­ I and my wife we prefer Toyota. I go on land cruiser, and I will not exchange this car on any another. And Julia goes on Ńorolla.

the World champion on free-style wrestling Sergey Vitkovsky:

­ Now I go by Toyota Land cruiser. My following car will be “ Range Rover “­ this best parity tsenakachestvo­.

TV presenter Ekaterina Peshkov:

­ I go on silvery Toyota corolla. The remarkable car!

the president of Japanese car industry of Tomoaki Nisitani:

­ I prefer a jeep lexus, and here to the wife I have presented Toyota avensis.

Businessman Jean Mkrtchjan:

­ Now I go by Ferrari. I am going to fill up the collection yellow lamborghini and Bentley continental.

the Fashion designer Natalia Agahanova:

­ Not so long ago I have got Mazda car. Though mashinymechty ­ at me is not present. One Today is pleasant, tomorrow another. When will come to change time the car then I will think up for myself “ favourite “ the car.