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Mad saiga I skipped on Ergakam

On an idea political elite of edge should experience own body all charm of rest on the south of edge and on a place to estimate prospects of development of tourism in national park Ergaki . polazit on mounts and bogs have gone zamy the governor and deputies of Legislative Assembly, they have persuaded to go with themselves of wives and girlfriends, have collected marching backpacks and have departed to Ermakovsky area to carry out the order of the governor. Together with politicians in Ergaki I have gone also. To your attention - travelling notes a grief - the traveller.

there where turn UFO and yogas

" have a rest; I a little not there have gathered - such thought has visited me at the Emeljanovsky airport. Deputies approached to the plane and governor`s zamy, with huge backpacks, in boots and colour suits khaki. Even telestar Irina Sokol has replaced habitual heels with dark blue rubber boots. I nervously played with the small handbag and sadly looked at favourite gym shoes.

on arrival to national park Ergaki I was convinced definitively: here it is not necessary to count on five-stars hotels, chaise lounges and a jacuzzi. While deputies have lodged in cosy small houses, journalists managed yurtas is poisonous salatovogo colours.

All ours jurtovoe the settlement is proud was called - a tourist complex the White city . Krasnoyarsk fans Ergakov have based it at a picturesque stream. Public who here has a rest, it is possible to divide into three groups.

family - parents with kiddies. Reach here under the own steam on cars. Go at excursion, breathe air of cedar wood, feed mosquitoes.

ekstremaly - the youth, coming in the summer polazit on mounts and to drive on skis and snowboards in the winter.

esoterics - people with strange shine in eyes. Believe in that on a place Ergakov when - that there lived ancient civilisations atlantov and lemurijtsev. Go here that pomeditirovat, having climbed up a mount.

just we also have come across last category of fans of mysticism. At a fire I have got acquainted with the guy who played a hymn of Russia a jew`s harp. The young man called Egor. It the Krasnoyarsk schoolboy, has arrived here in the beginning of summer with group jogov, yes and remained. Leads for beginners of excursion and tells local legends.

- UFOS over Ergakami saw very many, - me Egor, - at us in a dining room even a photo " at once has taken aback; plates is! (Aha, I such in the Photoshop I can draw from tens - a bus) And some rocks ministered for inoplanetnyh the ships an airfield, therefore here it is possible to find the melted off stones

- And whence you it know all?

- me Boris - the owner of this camp told.

I have got acquainted with Boris a bit later, in a dining room. The man standing at the basis the White city a low voice has told to me that about miracles Ergakov we still will hear time and again.

- in the end of the year I will publish the book which becomes sensation, - Boris declared. - you, journalists, will return here behind materials.

- and what miracles - that will occur?

- people will vanish. Will simply go to a campaign, and will disappear. And any Ministry of Emergency Measures not can find them there Will be also other unusual things, but about them while early to speak. Recently there have arrived people, and I have told it one secret Ergakov. I have seen their eyes and have understood that they were not ready to it.

what is this secret, Boris and has not told.

As deputies have decided suit end of the world

I Think that the next day I will remember for ever

As the guide has explained to me, - we go on lake Bottom Bujbinsky. Despite such name, it was highly in mounts, and to reach it to us some hours were necessary.

- and the road though will be normal? - I have fondly taken an interest.

- well as, - the guide has sighed, - at first to a floor - bogs, then in a hill, then leskom

I again have sadly had a look at the gym shoes. Meanwhile deputies and governor`s zamy already stood in the boots, ready to a campaign. Deputy Yury Abakumov has strictly looked at me and more the several journalists, collected to subdue Ergaki in krossovkah:

- Well, to you, children, it is possible to remain at once in camp.

it is natural, anybody from us has not surrendered. Cheerfully playing a trick the friend on the friend, jumping from a hummock on a hummock, we have moved uphill. One of my companions began to tell bajki about bears who are found in these woods, and sometimes wishes to communicate to journalists in gym shoes. Thank God, to any clumsy I and have not told Preved - medved! but to any rustle in bushes reacted now with watchfulness.

But much more bears I was disturbed by mosquitoes and midges. To these swine I as - that was especially fell in love. Has looked at politicians going nearby - similar, them komare did not stir at all.

- Yes let bite! - has declared Valentine Bibikov`s deputy. - they only drink a poor blood

Already by a dinner we have reached lake Bottom Bujbinsky. Precisely to describe that beauty that has appeared before a look, my lexicon will not suffice. I looked at mounts and thought that knowingly UFOS turn here - for certain aliens do by the unearthly cameras excellent pictures against rocks.

Were embodied for memory and politicians. It is necessary to tell, our managers and zakonopistsy had quickly enough a rest from a campaign, had dinner and have jerked to submit mounts.

the ascension and nishozhdenie has occupied from our company where - that hour four. In my opinion, the main heroine of a campaign became Valentine Bibikov`s deputy. This courageous woman had time to climb in the inconceivable image from a stone on a stone, to be photographed, show road to our guides, to give oracles to colleagues - to deputies and to adjust those who has lagged behind.

on the first mount we have faced a legend Ergakov - hanging a stone. The huge block lies on the very brink of a precipice, and it seems, whiff that it to push off will suffice also. But the legend says: as soon as the hanging stone will fall in gorge, the mythical giant Sleeping Sayan mountains will wake up, and there will come end of the world. Deputies, at all without having been frightened of a terrifying story, have there and then prepared the plan as this stone can be pushed off.

- it is necessary all trotyl kg, - someone from politicians has told, - and the stone will depart.

To pleasure of all live on this planet, Krasnoyarsk deputies did not have with itself an explosive, and Sleeping Sayan mountains has not woken up.


after descent from mounts in a camp at lake of all travellers the supper and songs at a fire waited. Especially dashing deputies have executed I Will take away you in tundra . Yury Abakumov even has executed small dance, than rather poveselil colleagues.

for the morning all our company began to gather home. Return descent, despite weariness, has occupied almost twice less time, than a rising road. All of us went happy, and I any more did not pay attention to a water squelch in gym shoes and importunate mosquitoes.

deputies and zamy too remained are happy with an adventure. All have with firmness transferred burdens of a campaign, for as have received from a park management Ergaki souvenir medals.

at last I want to be converted to the governor.

Alexander Gennadievich, heard I that there is an idea to develop tourism on a place of falling of the Tungus meteorite. If you there will send on investigation the zamov and deputies, do not forget about me.

boots I promise to buy by then.

it is concrete

How to reach to Ergakov

Hrebet Ergaki it is located in the south of Krasnoyarsk region. The nearest cities - Abakan, Minusinsk. The majority of tourists reaches on the cars area through Abakan, and further on a line Abakan - Kyzyl (54, it is known the same as the Usinsk path).

There is a variant - to reach Abakan from Krasnoyarsk by the bus (road service station phone - (3912) 23 - 05 - 12) or a train (station phone - (3912) 59 - 41 - 49). From Abakan station daily there are trip buses Abakan - Kyzyl . On this line also there are points of the beginning of tourist routes. (As a variant, it is possible to try to catch poputku, going of Abakan to Kyzyl.)

if you not the supporter of extreme rest the savage it is possible to be converted into office of a tourist complex the White city in Krasnoyarsk: street Northern highway, 5, 3 floor, office 8, ph. 8 - 902 - 927 - 9032.