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Kirkorov comes to Krasnoyarsk on uik - end

the Star will give two concerts - one corporate, another - for all townspeople

Fans already are going to meet morning Moscow flight at the airport on June, 15th and to storm hostel October where the singer should lodge.

we have decided to extort details of star visit from the director of hostel of Antonina Judinoj. But it has refused flatly:

- Under the hotel code it is forbidden to us to give to journalists any information, concerning Here if Kirkorov will resolve clients, then please.

- But you know, journalists Phillip does not favour. And you are not afraid of its whims?

- there is a rule - the client is always right And on a broader scale, we try also to indulge visitors. When our favourite Dmitry Hvorostovsky stopped, have given a surprise in number - the big basket of fruit. Have thought, with Dmitry`s colours will fill up, therefore and have stopped on fruit.

- and for Kirkorov that prepare?

- Let`s better talk about his eyes

having achieved Nothing from the director, we were converted behind the help to to informers . Also it was found out that for Kirkorov and accompanying its Anastasii Stotsky two are reserved a suite .

In suites - three rooms: an office, a bedroom and a drawing room. A toilet and a bathroom - spacious, but without a jacuzzi. Cost of such number of 4800 roubles a day.

an amusing detail. Suites in October are located on different floors So if the couple wants to be closer to each other, Anastass it is necessary to be content a junior suite .

the Pair will spend two days in Krasnoyarsk. In the evening on June, 15th they will act in a corporate concert for employees and company partners Pikra marking 15 - summer anniversary. On June, 16th - a concert for all Krasnoyarsk citizens. Tickets for Kirkorov have started to assort in the end of May: 800 roubles - a balcony, 2000 - an orchestra. The notice is expected.

by the way, after scandal with journalist Irina Arojan some Krasnoyarsk mass-media declared Kirkorov the person non grata and have called for boycott. That history and sincere impulses of colleagues were already forgot. But in the newspaper News to us have told that Kirkorov`s arrival do not plan to shine:

is not our format.

in the Businessman were even more rigid:

- Creativity mister Kirkorov us does not interest. To write about it we are ready only in case it will be a question of any administrative offence, as in a case with Arojan. Here if to Krasnoyarsk there arrives Elton John, the newspaper areas will not regret.

there was such case

Kirkorov and a cockroach

Goes ridiculous bajka about Krasnoyarsk and Kirkorov. It is known that the singer in panic is afraid of cockroaches. And ostensibly once, during tours in Krasnoyarsk, Phillip, has seen a cockroach in a hostel hall the Star at first was frightened, has then become angry, and then and has at all cancelled a concert. To find that cockroach in hope we have rung round managers of known hotels. But anybody and has not confessed, a leah there was that awful insect. Managers have declared that times when on hostels cockroaches ran, have ended about 10 years ago.

the First concert

For the first time Phillip has arrived to Krasnoyarsk in 1989 together with Alla Borisovnoj and its husband Evgenie Boldin of that time.

the tonic acted 15 days in sports Palace, for Kirkorov it there was a big platform first in career. Till now the autograph of the singer where the singer writes is stored in an office of the director that the Krasnoyarsk palace - the first in his life and will be remembered for ever.