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Minibuses have even more often accidents

Recently in Krasnoyarsk cases of failures with participation of fixed-route taxis have become frequent. Last from them has occurred yesterday - the minibus 51 has faced a foreign car. PAZik has taken off on sidewalk and has taken down a fence of the wooden house. Victims, fortunately, were not this time, and originators establish the car inspector.

past Friday brakes at the bus of a route 74 have refused, it has run away and has beaten on road of 10 cars. Fortunately, has done without victims.

next day on the prospectus it. Gas. the Krasnoyarsk worker the minibus has faced the Korean minibus. After that it has flown at first on standing nearby Volga and then - on other GROOVE, too a fixed-route taxi. It is as a result hospitalised two victims.

in the morning on July, 19th in the street Krupsky the bus has moved the woman. As a result to it has torn off the right foot, and left it is broken. Suffered in a grave condition is in BSMP. And evening of the same day easy failure with minibus participation 91 has created a long-term stopper on Kopylov`s crossroads - Robespera.

it is interesting that the peak of failures has had for carrying out c actions the Fixed-route taxi . It passes from July, 18 till July, 22nd.

- in our city of 1800 units of fixed-route taxis, - has told the head a press - services of traffic police of a city Galina Kruglov. - we now check both a technical status of vehicles, and drivers. Thanks to similar operations, we could to eradicate, for example, drunkenness among drivers. Two years ago it has been revealed such 8 cases, now - any.

last day action carrying out the most polite drivers will be encouraged by letters of thanks.