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Gasoline has risen in price for rouble

Yesterday price lists on Krasnoyarsk refuellings povergli in shock of many motorists - gasoline of the most popular and running stamp ȭ 92 has flown up on 1 rouble. Still three days ago it cost 17. 50, now - 18. 50 roubles for litre. The old price remained on individual refuellings where there was an old stock of fuel. Wholesalers buy new parties already under other quotations.

many of automobile owners admit that will go less, and ktoto and at all will forget about individual transport existence.

- I have put recently the the Muscovite in garage, - pensioner Vladimir Kravlev speaks, - now I will go on foot! Gasoline, in comparison with our pension in two with small thousand roubles, simply inadmissible luxury. Here I will go last time, a potato I will dig out, by the car I will take out - and all.

but for some Krasnoyarsk citizens to go by the car - the urged necessity.

- I work as the machinist, and depending on flight I should leave for work in 3 4 o`clock in the morning when buses do not go yet, - Krasnoyarsk automobile owner Dmitry Tsynchenko explains. - And expenses for fuel became huge. Earlier me sufficed to fill the car on 100 roubles a day, now it is necessary 150 re at least! I will get into the car only necessarily, the wife from work to take away now precisely not I will!

it is important!

on August, 10th on the Revolution area (at a monument to Lenin from Marx`s street) Krasnoyarsk regional social movement of automobile owners will spend picket concerning the next rise in prices for gasoline. Automobile owners will arrive on the area by the cars which have been pasted over with orange ribbons, - under colour of an emergency stop. Organizers plan to stay for the areas an hour and a half - with 19. 00 to 20. 30. Similar protest actions prepare among autoassociations of Vladivostok, Novosibirsk and Barnaul.

And at this time

Marshrutochniki are going to raise a fare

- Wholesale prices for fuel grow, the next seasonal increase is expected in the autumn, - Victor Sidorov explains the deputy the chairman of the board of Krasnoyarsk association of passenger carriers. - the price for diesel fuel and gas will jump up. It is connected with transition of transport to winter solar oil which is more expensive than the summer. Anyway, irrespective of, a leah the prices for gasoline will grow still or not, in the autumn we plan to reconsider tariffs for journey in shuttle buses. Now the average salary at drivers about 78 thousand roubles, and we plan it to raise. On motor car park updating many means also are required. On norms, every year the motor car park should be updated a minimum on 10 12 %, it is updated for Krasnoyarsk private autocarriers only on 8 %. At today`s expenses for fuel and sootnosimoj it is simply unprofitable to fare to constrain a rise in prices for tickets. After the situation in the Krasnoyarsk fuel market is stabilised, we will be converted to the regional authorities about revision of tariffs for journey with 8 to 9 10 roubles.