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Dear readers! I continue our new heading “ Advice from Svety “. Thanks for calls and letters which arrive to me. I will necessarily try to answer all questions interesting you.

Phone (3912 59­ 17­ 72, a fax (3912 59­ 17­ 82. The electronic address: burenko@kras. The Mailing address: 660022, Krasnoyarsk, Nikitin`s street, 3α, newspaper edition “ “.

the dog

Hello too loudly barks! At all our house the big problem. Early in the morning, approximately at 6 o`clock, one of our neigbours deduces to walk a dog. We do not know precisely in what there business, but the dog terribly barks. At this time still it would be desirable to have a sleep, and it awakes all. Really in any way it is impossible to work on it?

Elena Nikolaeva, Krasnoyarsk.

behind the comment we were converted to experts.

­ Certainly, this infringement, and the mistress of an animal bears administrative responsibility,­ Lyudmila Aleksandrova, the chief of department of department of municipal economy of administration of Krasnoyarsk explains. - but the matter is that that “ to involve “ this woman, it is necessary to find it directly together with the barking doggie on “ a scene of crime “. To do it employees of administration have the right only presence of two more witnesses, besides, is necessary. The is law requirements. And the working day so early at anybody from them does not begin. However, if the doggie has strongly got, there is a chance that the special commission will be organised. While it is possible to advise to write simply the application and to carry in regional administration. Probably, such way this problem will manage to be solved.

who will free of charge receive textbooks?

Svetlana, good afternoon! I am a mother of two detejshkolnikov ­ which this year go in 1 and 3­ι classes. Heard that for younger schoolboys textbooks should not be bought - them will give out in the end of August. A leah truth it?

Anna Kokshina, Krasnoyarsk.

­ it not absolutely so,­ is told by Larissa Shvetsova, the chief of department of the general and additional education of central administrative board of education of a city administration of Krasnoyarsk. The­ part of textbooks has already arrived, other part just is expected. To tell precisely that our city schools will be completed by textbooks on 100 % while it is impossible. If parents are disturbed by this question, they can directly call by me to phone 27­ 02­ 38 and ask a question on concrete school to which their children go. On a broader scale delivery of textbooks begins since August, 25th. We will try to provide first of all with books of children from having many children and needy families.