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In Krasnoyarsk open kindergartens in apartments!

in city state kindergartens ­ catastrophically there are no places. Much the nurse to the aid comes. But, alas, its services manage expensively enough. However, many of Krasnoyarsk citizens have found a way out of a current situation - they give children to private, house kindergartens.

we have visited one of them and have made own opinion about new “ a nursery “ to service.

in apartment - a large quantity of toys

the House kindergarten settled down in one of ordinary Krasnoyarsk apartments.

in the big cosy apartment we are met by the affable woman with the kid on hands.

is Vadik, - Olga Belova, the organizer of a garden explains, - it more recently began to lead to us, therefore it is necessary to give to it of more attention while he has not absolutely got used yet to us.

in the meantime we pass on all four-room apartment, attentively examining each corner. The greatest room - game. Here the soft carpet is laid, and in a corner in boxes the large quantity piramidok, dolls and soft toys - hares and bears lies.

- some things parents bring, - Olga tells, - but, of course, I get the majority itself. The expensive are better be not to buying - kiddies instantly break off rukinogi ­ to dolls and wheels at machines.

the following room - a bedroom. It all is forced by cots which Olga, appears, bought to order.

“ money matters “

We with Olga pass on kitchen, and tamto­, muffling children`s peep, I set to it the question most important, in my opinion: “ How you have dared to undertake such uneasy, responsible business? “

- on a broader scale, I work in an education sphere very much for a long time, - Olga tells, - long time was the teacher of elementary grades. Has then understood that very much it would be desirable to work with such here, absolutely tiny kids, and money, I will not hide, are of great importance. I rented this apartment at acquaintances, the smallest room took for myself, all has given the others to children. To get hand in, has gone to the woman who was engaged in some years this business.

small pupils at Olga - no more than seven. But even with such quantity of children to consult not always it is easy. Therefore it also took to herself the assistant who walks with children and helps to cook food.

- when I have just started to be engaged in the organisation of a house kindergarten, - Olga tells, - that has bought in book shop in which it was told about a food of children in kindergartens, how much and that they should receive. So the diet of children not too differs from the standard. Certainly, kids can have preferences. Ktoto ­ does not love fish, ktoto ­ turns away from cream of wheat. In this case anybody forces nobody, and dishes are easily replaced. Sometimes parents advise that it is better to dine the child on.

kiddies it is possible “ to hand over “ in total on a pair of clocks

Employment of children in a small garden too are quite traditional: a moulding, drawing, even dances. But the most important thing, it certainly, conditions - shouts nobody at pupils, does not force to be engaged in that they do not want to do at present. But, perhaps, main advantage of such establishment is a timing of a finding of the child in a garden. Some mums leave the child of all on a pair of clocks - to have time to tidy up the house or to walk around shops. Others, to the contrary, leave the son or a daughter till the late evening - the intense schedule of work simply does not allow them to be released before.

- In a usual garden me all time abused that I can come for the son only after six, - tells Nadezhda Vasileva, one of mums. - And here there are no problems, the child how much it is necessary, so much and remains. Certainly, on money it turns out much more expensively, but the good relation and convenience as I consider, costs it.

7000 roubles a month will solve all problems of parents

- Actually, this service becomes more and more claimed at townspeople, - Olesya Shpakova, the manager of one of personnel agencies confirms. - parents are involved with that if in a municipal kindergarten all solves a management here they can dictate conditions. For example, can tell, how it is necessary to feed their child, in what to play and etc. Great value has also a garden site. Not all pleasant to carry the child on other end of a city. To a question on the prices: hour of abiding costs from 30­ 40 roubles. If to leave the child with 9. 00 to 18. 00, it will turn out approximately 7 000 in a month for services. (While it is possible to give to usual group of the child for 700­ 800 roubles a month.)

the Inquiry

Phones of house kindergartens in Krasnoyarsk:

3(3912) 79­ 99­ 96.

3(3912) 92­ 07­ 41.

3(3912) 53­ 22­ 36.

3(3912) 51­ 78­ 70.

3(3912) 47­ 41­ 56.

the Comment of the expert

Galina Don, the chief specialist of management of education of a city administration of Krasnoyarsk:

- the Situation at us in a city with kindergartens, of course, very difficult. I know about existence of an alternative variant and I support it. However, all these gardens, basically, not registered. Anyway, if they help to solve a problem connected with a lack of places in preschool institutions, - that why and is not present? To those people who have incurred such hard business, as the organisation of house kindergartens, we are always ready to help, at any moment they can be converted to us behind consultation.


summing up, we have drawn certain conclusions. At us it has turned out that in similar establishments is both the pluses, and minuses.


+ can be chosen Detsadik near to the house.

+ the menu and employment of the pupil are chosen by parents.

+ not so it is a lot of children, so, attention they will receive much more.


- Similar establishments are not supervised by any services.

- standard state norms on a food, rest and walks can not be observed.

- services cost expensive.