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Phillip Kirkorov has requested money for interview

Phillip Kirkorov with Masha Rasputinoj have acted on commemorating of Day of the railwayman in Krasnoyarsk.

Phillip and Maria pochtili the presence of passengers of flight Moscow - Krasnoyarsk. Representatives of a philharmonic society meeting stars have been pleasantly surprised: Phillip Bedrosovich was sober (unlike other visiting stars) and has favourably accepted the presented bouquets. All road to hostel Kirkorov dozed on a leather seat of a white limousine.

not to a dream was only to journalists: stars have flatly refused to give interview. In an informal conversation with the correspondent one of organizers of tours has informed that Bedrosovich (for fun or seriously) has demanded for half-hour conversation a payment:

­ Kirkorov has declared that interview will give only for money!

­ it is serious?

­ many your colleagues called to us and asked - a leah it will be possible to set to it pair of questions. And he has responded: “ Only at additional expense! Under the contract at me no interviews are planned “.

we and did not begin to ask the Sum. Well, it is simply frivolous …

Rasputina also has refused to give interview. Well, at Maria at least the excuse is: in one of its songs it is directly told: “ Buy me, buy! “.

but spectators, unlike journalists, Rasputina has pleased with live dialogue. “ she is mine othodnaja a song “ - she has declared. Also has continued: “ the Lord spodobil so that I now stood here, before you “.

Public has accepted stars “ on hurrah! “. However, known concert reception - the actor is silent, and spectators sing - has not worked. Kirkorov`s appeal - “ and now you sing “ - has been met by death silence. Few spectators danced under songs of guest performers and periodically shouted “ gallant “.

On a question of actors, a leah wants to hear public one more song, position was rescued again by group of active workers which has loudly shouted: “ the Encore! A rose tea! “


the photo report from a concert look on our site www. krsk.

By the way

as accepted Kirkorov in Krasnoyarsk

To us it was possible to learn that have requested stars of organizers of a concert.

a limousine and three “ Mercedes “ and also cars of GAI for support.

number for Phillip­ of a presidential class. Phillip`s rooms should be spacious, pure, warm.

with a mirror to the utmost, a cosmetic table with mirrors, illumination, a sofa and two armchairs. Plus a dining table covered with a white cloth, four convenient chairs, odezhnyj a case calculated, at least, on 20 suits, a separate toilet with a laver, 2 sets of towels, flowers (roses, carnations, a lilac, chrysanthemums), still mineral water. In the wardrobe there should be an ironing table, the big hanger, a table and two chairs. Phillip Kirkorov is accompanied by the personal cook. Necessary foodstuff: cheese of firm grades (mainly French), mayonnaise, a chicken fillet, a beef loin, seafood, allsorts meat, allsorts fish, vegetables (tomatoes, carrots, eggplants, a potato, an onion, greens), fruit (apples, bananas, grapes, pears, a water-melon), the Korean carrots, bread (black, cheese), juice (apple, orange).

it is told!

the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Hloponin after Kirkorov`s concert and Rasputinoj:

­ After Maria`s song “ Buy me, buy! “ anything good it is impossible to tell already...



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