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On Thursday the thunder-storm will fall upon Krasnoyarsk

Weather this week will not please Krasnoyarsk citizens - there will be almost every day rains, and on Thursday thunder-storms are expected. Rescuers of the Siberian regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures ask Krasnoyarsk citizens to be more careful - on August, 10th in a city storm warning is declared.

together with rains and thunder-storms the cold front will come, and without that not the flying weather will definitively deteriorate.

- today, on Wednesday, in the afternoon only 2022 degrees it will be warm­, an intermittent rain and a moderate wind about 10 metres per second, - the chief of department of weather forecasts of Krasnoyarsk hydrometeorological centre Lyudmila Bondarenko tells. - will become cold to +9 +12 degrees at night.

on Thursday the thunder-storm with flaws to 20 metres per second is expected, will pass heavy rains, the hailstones are possible. And impulses of the western wind will reach to 15­ 20 metres per second. In the afternoon air will get warm all to 17­ 19 degrees of heat. At night cool - to +12. On Friday rains also are expected, will be about 20 degrees of heat, at night +10 +12 in the afternoon.

Rains will stop only on days off - on Saturday and Sunday will a little become warmer. In the afternoon in Krasnoyarsk will be no more than 20 degrees above zero. At night in a city will become cold to 7­ 10 degrees.

Will clear up only on Monday, it will be warm and bezvetrenno in the afternoon: 22­ 24 degrees above zero, without any precipitations. But by the evening the small intermittent rain is possible.

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