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In Zelenogorske ­ workers of a shoe workshop have found gribgigant ­Russian & World News.

In Zelenogorske have found a field mushroom of improbably big size. And for this purpose they had not to go to wood. Gribgigant ­ has grown directly near a workshop.

- I go to wood behind mushrooms already throughout fifteen years, - Oleg Holin, - but such miracle, moreover in a city, directly near work is surprised to the find, has seen for the first time.

Height of an unusual field mushroom of 90 centimetres, and width 88! A mushroom have put on scales: it has appeared very heavy - more than 1 kg!

- I consider that in Zelenogorske occurrence of such surprising field mushroom is not connected with radiation level, - Vladimir Durnev, the chief of department of hydrometeorological maintenance of the Siberian multi-region territorial administration on hydrometeorology and environment monitoring has commented. - simply the nature likes to do to people surprises!

According to the leading expert nauchnoissledovatelskogo the ­ enterprises of ecology of natural systems of Vladimir Petrov, contributed in growth of this surprising mushroom weather conditions and properties of the earth, it in due time received a moisture and nutrients, except that, it was hurt by hearts.

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Now hottest time for a campaign in wood behind mushrooms and harvesting on a summer residence. And you can brag of a surprising wood find or a supercrop? Have grown up a huge vegetable marrow or have collected from one bed the whole truck of cucumbers?

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