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The nurse has beaten five kids to bruises?

the nurse has beaten five kids to bruises?

first of all to the woman declared reprimand

Who and under what circumstances has beaten five kids - it is not known yet.

Suspects have left at once

New week at workers of Krasnoyarsk Children`s home has begun with emergency. On daily morning detour with which the doctor arranges, traces of a beating have been found out in five pupils.

­ to me have told that at kiddies faces in bruises and scratches,­ with stirring are told by Tatyana Kogan, the head physician of specialised Children`s home. - as such there could be­ I at all do not understand. For the weekend in group we still have one nurse. Any proofs of that this crime was made by it, at me, of course, is not present. Everything that I could make,­ it to declare to it reprimand with entering in a private affair.

The nurse of group On duty in that ill-starred night “ Kapitoshka “ assures that all has occurred in its absence. She left literally for 10 minutes behind salad in the next pavilion. At this time for kids the colleague from other group should look. But that, in turn, asserts that anybody from them did not touch.

precisely to find out that has occurred, Tatyana Mihajlovna was converted at once into area Office of Public Prosecutor. Now there the investigation is carried on.

according to workers of Krasnoyarsk Children`s home, at once after scandal of the nurse have written the application with the request to dismiss them “ at own will “.

Tatyana Mihajlovna asserts that anything similar in its establishment never was:

­ Yes at us children all very kind, tender, quiet. You put them in one number with “ house children “­ never them distinguish. As such could occur - I do not understand …

One of employees of Children`s home tells that anything similar for both nurses earlier nobody noticed. However, main “ the suspect “ has worked only year. It was arranged in Children`s home in July 2005.

the Salary at the personnel very small

However, the head does not deny that in similar establishments it is impossible to name selection strict. A salary of employees very small, therefore the management is glad to any person. Ourselves have arrived to Children`s home and have seen joyful, smiling karapuzov.

­ Fortunately, all this history has not left any trace in their shower,­ employees of Children`s home tell. - we showed kiddies to our psychologist - while that`s OK. Those five kids who could tell in detail about tragedy, are silent. Tiny Poline, the Sachet, the Ale, Dashe and Ksjushe is not present also three years. They are cheerful and cheerful children who smile for the present to all adult aunts and uncles. For what it was possible to beat these little men­ absolutely not clearly.

workers of Children`s home carefully conceal a name of the suspected woman­ they publicity do not want and are afraid to be mistaken.

Albina Kamovich, the expert in protection of the rights of children of committee of representatives in human rights:

the­ Case in point scandalous meaning that is a question of absolutely small children, kroshechkah …

Their official trustee and the representative is the head physician of Children`s home. Certainly, in similar institutions should pass rigid selection of shots. That defenceless kids did not come into the hands to unchecked, unreliable people …

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Actually, very many in this history still remains not clear.

some of to whom we managed to communicate, sympathise with the suspected nurse and say that it simply could “ to substitute “.

Probably, ktoto ­ still could get into Children`s home and put a beating to children. Probably, events on a broader scale developed not how is now told. Unfortunately, to us to talk to the nurses, on duty at fatal night in establishment, yet it was not possible.

it is possible, among you, dear readers, just are those people for whom the true is known­ that actually has occurred that night. Perhaps, accused medical workers will want chtoto ­ to tell in the protection. Call necessarily, we will attentively listen to all versions of the happened. Our phone (3912 59­ 17­ 72.