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Tell thanks the ZHEKu!

housing and communal services Reform - former ­ one of the most discussed subjects among townspeople. Innovations (especially a rise in price of services) while criticise more, than praise. However objectivity for the sake of needs to note: the positive moments nevertheless are­ gdeto a ­ court yard began to sweep more purely, gdeto an ­ entrance have repaired, gdeto ­ pipes have repaired.

therefore we have decided to declare the action “ Tell thanks the ZHEKu “.

If you consider that your municipal service qualitatively works, namely:

3 does not disregard any call;

3 with ward of summer repairs in court yard an old children`s swing and in time reconstructs a playground;

3 does not disconnect water without the prevention;

3 quickly eliminates all problems connected with current cranes, -

call to us! Also tell about those conscientious workers who have helped you. And we will tell about them in all to our readers. Let`s choose together the best mechanics, sanitary technicians, yard keepers and we will tell, where and as them to find.

we will bring results of the action in the nearest numbers.

call and write to us: phone of edition (3912 59­ 17­ 72, electronic mail