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Victor Saltykov has wanted to live in Siberia

At once some variety stars - Victor Saltykov, legendary group “ Earth dwellers “ and rock collective ­“ Alisa “ have congratulated with 370­ًمْومٌ the city of Kansk.

Victor Saltykov has appeared most talkative of arrived.

After end of a concert we managed to set to it pair of questions on Krasnoyarsk:

- very much I love Siberia, this tremendous place on the earth! Has just arrived from Krasnoyarsk, and, as always, it is madly glad to this city. Here such smart nature! So it is easily breathed. Very much it would be desirable to live here, if not all life, then kakoeto ­ time. And all Krasnoyarsk citizens would like to wish good, the world, and the main thing - breed more! By the way, at my wife and a daughter today birthday, and I want to congratulate them on this feast!

and here legendary rock group ­“ Alisa “ has made happy with personal contact one of the fans: After a concert to musicians through a system of militiamen has broken fanatka groups. Through pair minutes organizers managed to drag the girl from stars, truth, have deduced it nevertheless the happy. Still, flowers has presented, the distance autograph, moreover and it was photographed together with a substitute!