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To Krasnoyarsk citizens will allow to litter more

Probably, it is already very fast so-called municipal “ norm of accumulation of a household waste “ will increase about 1,2 cubic metre by the person to 1,7 in a year. By the way, these standards did not change already 20 years.

- it is connected by that townspeople began to litter more, - Sergey Koren, the press secretary ­ of department of municipal economy tells­. - earlier clearings of a potato got to tanks yes packages from milk. And now daily on a local dustbin we carry from tens packings from noodles and juice. Edimto ­ we, probably, as much, as well as some years ago, but manufacturers began to pack food into bulky containers. A problem also that such packing is not utilised...

many townspeople daily observe a pitiable picture: the overflowed garbage tanks and the household waste scattered on a court yard. With introduction of new norm in municipal economy department have promised that the specialised technics on export of a waste becomes more, and garbage containers will devastate strictly under the schedule: once a day. However, it also will cost more expensively.

- at today`s quotations, about 10,5 roubles a month for garbage removal, the enterprises for export and recycling of a waste incur losses, - Vadim Trushkov, the chief of department of perspective development and the economic analysis of department of municipal economy speaks. - price increase is necessary. On how much, it is exact while it is not known, but for the ordinary Krasnoyarsk citizen such change will not cost a pretty penny: on the average the price will rise on 16 %, that is on 1,5 roubles.

meanwhile ecologists search for new ways to make a city pure. However, Krasnoyarsk citizens do not follow recommendations.

- about 57 years ago ­ in a city tried to enter a rule which in Europe is norm of life: a household waste separately, eating separately, - is told by Sergey Koren. - In our court yard even tanks have been signed, where what garbage to throw. But the innovation has not got accustomed. Meanwhile this simple rule considerably facilitates all process of recycling of garbage.

and At this time

Rats attack!

In many houses there was norm a neighbourhood with rodents. In the evenings Krasnoyarsk citizens are afraid to leave the house: at an entrance, with approach of darkness, a rat climb from all holes and can even attack the passer-by. The reason is banal: the cluttered up entrances. Townspeople simply do not inform packages with a waste to a refuse chute or a tank. Besides many feed up scraps of vagrant dogs living in the house and cats that does not add cleanliness.