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Dear readers! We continue our heading Advice from Svety . Thanks for all calls and letters which arrive to me. I will necessarily try to answer all questions interesting you.

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How to call in Fast from a mobile phone?

Hello, Svetlana! Me very much interests, why from a cellular telephone it is impossible to phone to such numbers, how 01, 02, 03 and 09? And, when you call under last number, the operator of help service prostonaprosto does not hear you. And after all there are situations when from, a leah you will phone, thy life depends.

Olesya Ardasheva, Krasnoyarsk.

to answer this question, we were converted behind consultation to the expert of directory department of the cellular company.

- actually, such problem exists, - Margarita recognises. - but at present we just work over that people could be converted normally into help service on 09. As to references on emergency to phones then all is simple. It is necessary to add after number set also an asterisk for example 1* and etc.

And on a broader scale it is absolute from any phone, even at blocked simkarte it is possible to phone under emergency number of the Ministry of Emergency Measures - 112 . A leah

grant a grant in TSZH?

Hello, at me such question: a leah it is possible to issue a grant if the chosen form of government of my house is TSZH? If yes, what inquiries need to be collected for this purpose?

Elena Sidorov, Krasnoyarsk.

Actually, a grant for habitation payment to receive quite probably. For this purpose it is necessary to be converted into social protection bodies in a residence. It is necessary to give passports of all registered in apartment, the inquiry on family structure, the inquiry on incomes of each member of a family and documents on the property right apartment.

the person receives a grant for payment of usual housing services - granting of water supply, heat and etc.

But the matter is that services in the maintenance most TSZH (work of the bookkeeper, the chairman, and etc.) Are paid separately. In everyone TSZH this sum different also depends on many factors.

for example, koegde TSZH employs for convenience of own yard keepers, sanitary technicians, concierges, - Elena Frolov, managing department of grants of Central administrative board of social protection of a city of Krasnoyarsk tells. - pay services of these workers tenants, and this sum is never subsidised. And, in all TSZH it is various: can make as 150 roubles a month, and much more. Usually, it is solved by tenants at general meetings.