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The potato will rise in price by the end of September

In Krasnoyarsk the harvest fever has begun. On fields izza bad weather the major perish for Krasnoyarsk citizens products: wheat and a potato. Last year the harvest has begun in the end of August. A crop collected without haste at good weather, and 2006 passes under downpours and a sleet. However, as to us have explained in regional agency of agriculture, wheat crop promises to be good.

problems with bread at Krasnoyarsk citizens will not arise. With a product number two, a potato, all not so is simple. Not to lose izza cold September all crop, landowners have begun potato gathering already now though notice that at it even the peel plainly was not generated: and it means that a potato it will be bad to be stored and will quickly be gone.

- for today of a problem with potato gathering test many regions of edge, - Ivan Safonov, a deputy head of agency of agriculture of Krasnoyarsk region marks. - In Bolshemurtinsky area, Suhobuzimsky, Berezovsky and Emeljanovsky the small harvest is expected very much. A potato is ill very small. It is not necessary to forget that it that data which we have. Private fields, and them about 60 % from total number, are not supervised. Therefore it is quite probable that on small family fields a crop good.

in the answer to a question on quality and quantity of a potato private traders disagree.

- at me a crop excellent! More than ever, - the proprietress of a small potato field in Emeljanovo Tamara Komarova brags. - the Potato large, as on selection. From four hundred parts 10 kulej have collected! And here the neigbour complains: the second bread this year was not born supposedly, it is necessary to buy!

on bases the price for a potato remains former 14 roubles for kg. Wholesalers notice that now it is impossible to tell: the potato will rise in price or not, the situation with the price for this product will be cleared up only in October. In the markets meanwhile the prices have already grown.

- now the kg costs already 20 roubles, - the seller Irina marks, - I think, the prices will grow already by the end of September. In spite of the fact that at many a crop quite good who will refuse to use an agiotage and not to price out?