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In groups of hackneyed Krasnoyarsk children will establish videocameras

continues own investigation of a scandal story which has occurred in Krasnoyarsk Children`s home 3 (from 11. 08 and 18. 08).

We know truth, but it is terrible to lose work

we Remind that in the end of July in Krasnoyarsk specialised Children`s home 3 five two-year kids have been beaten. Who has made it - while precisely not clearly, the investigation of the case proceeds. As the main suspects - two nurses. More recently we had a weighty occasion to return to a scandal story. In edition the woman who was presented by the employee of Children`s home has called.

- we have read your article, - being stirred, she has started to speak, - and we want to inform that you correctly have written all. It seems, it is guilty smenshchitsa the person on duty on group. At it actually very much difficult character. At all of us are assured that it is guilty. Ourselves very much worry - it is simply a pity small kiddies who could not be protected. It would be desirable to meet you and to tell that actually there it is created

we Will remind that neighbours (from 18 spoke about the accused nurse. 08):

- Yes from it own husband with the daughter hid, - neigbour Ekaterina Semin has informed. - he to me complained that they spent the night at relatives, when Inna was in low spirits - phone in a rage has broken about a floor! Yes that the family It and me threatened, when I have tried to take in hand her daughter that they with friends walked all night long, shouted and prevented to sleep.

unfortunately, in some days in edition the new call was distributed:

- Excuse, we have thought and have decided to refuse a meeting with journalists: simply very much we are afraid that the heads learn. It is terrible to lose work

Kids became intimidated

Albina Kamovich, the expert in protection of the rights of children of committee of representatives in human rights has told to us that at some of the suffered kids consequences of the transferred trauma till now are shown: they became more intimidated, with watchfulness concern people.

- I long talked to the Children`s home management, business, of course, very difficult, speaks Albina Kamovich. - the Suffered kids right after it have sent in hospital - were afraid that in them will be found out also kakienibud internal damages. But, fortunately, all has managed. In order to avoid similar cases videocameras, according to my advice, will be got. Them will establish in groups of small kiddies - what else cannot tell anything.

the expert hopes that at least this measure will help to the personnel to concern kiddies is softer.

P. S. Police officers assert what to stop investigation they do not gather and will necessarily bring matters to court. And we, in turn, continue to watch succession of events, and to tell about it in numbers.


From one official, not wished to publish the name and a post, we have learnt that the suspect medsestrasmenshchitsa indifferently continues to work on a former place. But Olga Kudina, the assistant to the head physician on organizational-methodical work of specialised Children`s home 3, has categorically denied this information:

Practically right after an event suspected staff nurses have left at own will. At present instead of them other people whom we took not so long ago work. Conditions in Children`s home we was normalised, hope that anything similar at us will not occur any more.