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Business about the lost Krasnoyarsk schoolboys will be opened?

parents of victims Krasnoyarsk schoolboys have stopped one and a half years ago hunger-strike. The action of the despaired people has drawn attention of all country. On waste ground at a fatal well where parents have arranged strike, began to pitch tents empathizing, students, representatives of public organisations have been urged to answer the Power - bodies deliver from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk within the next few days.

we have phoned to grandmother Dimy Makarova Lyudmila Leonidovny.

- To us promised to give remains within 10 days, - Lyudmila Makarova speaks. - we yet did not appoint Date of funeral. About burial-service while too did not think.

- the authorities have already offered kakujuto the help on the organisation of funeral?

- we also do not hope for it...

- but after all still one year ago promised to allocate to each family on 30 thousand roubles.

Lyudmila Leonidovna very much was surprised this information.

- really there was no support? - We ask.

- Why. One year ago there were people from sotszashchity. Brought thousand five. Psychologists came Us very much simple people support. To our tents Krasnoyarsk citizens came simply to tell proper words.

- there has passed the information that investigation term was prolonged till October, 18th. If after this date to you will not give the answer, you will suit new actions?

- we did not think of it. I can tell only: we are glad that of business have discharged inspector Andrey Chernusja. Actually, we also achieved it.

and here in Office of Public Prosecutor the information on prolongation of business till October, 18th have not confirmed.

- as the chief of department of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on the Siberian federal district Evgenie Ovchinnikov has told, remains of bodies of children will pass parents, - Elena Pimonenko, the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of edge has explained. - it will depart to Moscow in the nearest dvatri day and therefrom will bring results of examination and remains of all five boys. Most likely, bodies will give to parents only in a week. And investigation will proceed until results will be defined. About exact terms of closing of business to tell while it is impossible. Business is not closed