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To Krasnoyarsk citizens sell illicit fish

to Krasnoyarsk citizens till November it is not possible to try hariusa, lenka and tajmenja. From the beginning of September the interdiction on vylov this fish has taken effect.

the poacher needs to be caught red-handed

In Rosselhoznadzore have told that in the autumn fish leaves from places of spawning areas in the habitual habitats and to extract it at this time it is impossible. The penalty for poaching makes about 500 roubles. But veterinary services notice that, despite all interdictions, fish all the same appears on free sale in the city markets.

- Harius and tajmen lie on markets, - the head of press service Rosselhoznadzora ­ Stanislav Nikitenko marks­. - bring accusations in poaching to the seller we cannot. Under the law it is guilty and the one who fished will be fined. And the originator needs to be caught red-handed...

Osetrinka “ from personal stocks “

Other problem: sellers do not give “ forbidden “ Fish on veterinary control, are afraid of questions: whence supposedly the sturgeon undertook, if it is impossible to catch it? Be charged for health of the buyer in that case can nobody.

has decided to visit one of the markets of a city and to check up, how carry out “ fish “ the law sellers. Sturgeon, hariusa and tajmenja long it was not necessary to search. The first seller has offered us it both in smoked, and in salty, and in a fresh kind.

- there are tajmen, 600 roubles kg, - the seller was delighted to us. - and osetrinka at the same price. Take! And here harius will be on Friday, specially for you I can leave. 150 roubles cost.

- And whence at you this fish? Documents are?

- certainly, all conclusions about quality are available.

- so hariusa and tajmenja it is impossible to catch since September, and sturgeon and at all “ for life “ it is forbidden.

- so I also do not trade in this fish, - there and then there was a seller and that was in time, sgreb under a counter. - Osetrinka? So it from my personal stocks. What documents on it can be? The family at me has already eaten too much of it. Here also I sell!

and At this time

In Krasnoyarsk the large party of fish and meat, about 1,5 tons is arrested. Production was in processing shops without the veterinary conclusion. Now arrest is put the goods. Infringers are waited by the penalty from three roubles to five thousand.