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Krasnoyarsk citizens have started to pay calls on cellular telephones

understands new receipts

Krasnoyarsk citizens who have started to receive new receipts for phone payment, have got confused in new calculations.

It is impossible to phone to help

we Will remind, since July, 1st calls from city phones on cellular steels paid, on one and a half rouble for a minute. This addition also has appeared in new pay-sheets. Much it is not clear, how under the receipt to distinguish calls on cellular from an intercity and how much it is necessary to pay for them.

except everything, still it is impossible to phone in service 069, reader Larissa Petrov has complained to us. - under this number should explain all about payments. I tried to phone, because in the receipt have understood nothing. Has had heard plenty of music within ten minutes, and has then heard: the Waiting time left - and short hooters. From me, probably, for a call also money took - I on time wage of conversations. What for a disgrace?!

6 operators accept 30 000 calls

Sergey Mikhalev, the employee of press service Sibirtelekoma recognised that such complaints began to arrive much and to operators. Therefore together with the expert we have disassembled a new pay-sheet on points (see the scheme), and also have found out, why operators 069 are silent.

Under this number it is really possible to learn all about payment for the telephone number, Sergey Mikhalev has told. - basically calls begin to be strewed 15 numbers of each month when we dispatch pay-sheets. And 5 when we start to disconnect defaulters. Here these days to phone more difficult in total on a line six operators work, and calls arrives to 30 000 a day! The equipment puts calls in turn on 30 pieces. One is responded by the operator, others wait on a line. A waiting time - three minutes, then disconnect the subscriber. Yes, there is this problem, in due course operators becomes more. While the necessary information if cannot phone 069, it is possible to receive uniquely: to come there where you pay for phone, and on a place all to learn from your operator.