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Sergey Mazaev has departed on a balloon!

valuable prizes, a group concert the Moral code hundreds green balloons and excellent weather - all it were seen by Krasnoyarsk citizens who were not too lazy to come last Saturday on the area before BKZ. On a NTV television channel feast correspondents " have visited also; to New year we prepare since May!

the Assistant to the general director of NTV Anatoly Kirienko has slightly opened some secrets of a new teleseason:

- this year we more than ever will have many new programs. Within a month will appear an order of 6 7 projects. Plus we will show absolutely new serials. For example, next week the serial " begins; avtonomka .

- Who from stars in it plays?

- we essentially did not begin to stop on the invitation of those or other stars. Experience of our serials, for example, Zones shows: sometimes the people, not so known to the spectator, play better, than stars. Which we basically could invite.

- it is known that the central TV channels start to remove in advance New Year`s teleprojects. You already have ideas for celebratory night?

- we prepare for New year since May! We will have a remarkable surprise about which I while will not speak. I can tell only that such on our television yet was not.

- you had time to get acquainted with local, Krasnoyarsk, channels? CHtoto from programs can note?

- at you remarkable television. Ratings show it. Local Krasnoyarsk channels as, probably, anywhere in the country, have laid on shovels capital. CHtoto the concrete I can not note, because for this purpose I need to look at your television approximately for about a month.

Mazaj, we thy hares!

the main gift of evening - a group concert the Moral code organizers have postponed for a dessert. Musicians have brought up on a red minibus directly to a scene, preliminary having asked journalists and photographers to depart far away. The leader of group Sergey Mazaev long did not want to be shown to spectators and has run out on a scene literally for a minute prior to the beginning of a voice part.

fans at a scene have there and then noticed that Mazaev looks perfectly. The soloist the Moral code has been dressed in a classical white shirt, trousers and black glasses. On the sun the bald head shone.

- we wanted to make the way to Sergey, but us have not started up, - fans " have complained to us; the Moral code .

- you wanted to take the autograph? - We are interested.

- we simply would tell to Sergey: Mazaj, we thy hares! - the fan presented by Julia laughs.

- and still we have made a portrait of Mazaeva on a balloon, - other girl adds.

the musician indeed left similar. But fans and could not pass a ball. On a result they have simply started Sergey Mazaeva in the sky.