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To Krasnoyarsk students have increased a payment for study

In edition Olga Safonovoj`s mum, studentkivtorokursnitsy the ­ international faculty of agrarian university has called­. The first news of new academic year povergla Olga and her parents in shock: to pay for the second year of training by it 23 000 roubles, and whole 40 000 is necessary any more!

“ So has solved an academic council “

­ last year we paid 23 000 roubles for a year,­ without crying nearly, Elena Safonova has told. - Certainly, waited that the sum will raise. But not on as much, almost twice! What now to do, at all we do not know. Year have studied, money has enclosed. Also you will not throw now study, and such sum at us simply is not present …

the Chief accountant of agrarian university Olga Dyachenko the information has confirmed:

­ Increase has really occurred. But all is made within the limits of the contract which consisted with the student. In treaty provisions it is said that the payment can change. It becomes according to the decision of an academic council which was Who is accepted …

should to constrain the prices, yet is clear

the Complaint of the second-year student from the agrarian is already cunning not only before edition. It was received by employees of agency of professional science and education of regional administration. In agrarian university have already sent inquiry why so have sharply raised the price. However not the fact that it will help.

­ certainly, it is very interesting moment: in the state high schools the rise in prices considerably advances a rate of inflation in the country, the­ chief of department of continuous education Andrey Iptyshev speaks. - And who should supervise and “ to constrain “ the prices, now it is not clear. These problems have begun after acceptance of the federal law on division of powers between the subject of federation and federation. Now it turns out so: the academic council of high school makes the decision on the new prices and realises its­ all! The high school - establishment federal, therefore directly does not submit to regional agency. On the other hand, we defend interests of our students, inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk region. Clearness in this question while is not present, we discuss it with advice of rectors, with regional administration.

in particular, in two weeks the agrarian university should give us official inquiry answer why so the prices were sharply rose. And on this concrete example we will try to solve how on a broader scale to work in similar situations …


That it is possible to make, if to you have shown a huge bill?

attentively read conditions of the contract with high school. Change of the price in it is necessarily registered. On this line it is necessary to pay special attention: here it is underlined and as cost more often can raise, and under what conditions. Check up, a leah all conditions are observed by a high school management. To be converted behind the help in such situation it is possible in agency of professional science and education of administration of Krasnoyarsk region. Here it is necessary to send official inquiry to the address: 660009, Krasnoyarsk, Marx`s street, 122. Addressed to the head of agency Nikitinoj of Olga Nikolaevny.

Dear students and parents! And you had to lay out this year the round sum for study? On how much have inflated the prices at your faculty? A leah quality of training has improved from it? Call by us to phone (3912 59­ 17­ 72. We will necessarily continue a subject and we learn from officials of agency of professional science and education of the regional administration, they have found what way out.