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Operators collect the information on Krasnoyarsk citizens

Krasnoyarsk telecommunications operators make base of the personal given subscribers. Within a month of firm receive strange letters with the requirement to give the information on their employees.

not state organisations, such, as “ Sibirtelekom “ and others are interested in passport data of the person, its present residence. Besides, heads are offered to bring in specially applied table of phone numbers of all employees using communication. That all data should be updated quarterly is remarkable.

many firms of a city have already sent the entire accounts.

from special services you will not disappear

- I have received the Letter about two weeks ago, - Andrey Petrunin, the head of one of city firms speaks. - has been very confused by questionnaire questions, but when has seen in the end of the letter that “ If the information from firm does not arrive, it will be regarded as refusal on which will inform the authorised bodies “ all doubts have disappeared. This addition has frightened me, superfluous problems are not necessary to me. Eventually, “ special services “ will always extract the necessary information. Any way.

other firms refuse to give the information. However, directors of the enterprises notice that after that at them problems have begun.

- “ the order “ I with laughter have sent operators in a recycle bin, it seemed to me that it is a joke, - the head of small firm Sergey Litvinov speaks. - As not state can demand the data about my employees? And when to me with “ off-schedule “ checks various services, already state have appeared suddenly, to me had no time for laughter. During that moment I have remembered that ill-fated letter. Other reasons of such attention to my modest firm I do not see.

“ To collect data - not our whim “

In “ Sibirtelekome “ have assured that it not their whim to collect the information on townsmen.

- in this business we intermediaries, - the head of press service ­ of Open Society " confirms­; Sibirtelekom “ Anna Lomteva. - we Carry out the governmental order Ή 538 from August, 27th, 2005. Other operators also are urged to dispatch letters to the subscribers. All data is stored at us, they will be given to law enforcement bodies under the first requirement. For today we have received about 300 reports, has been sent more than 2000 letters. But our company does not accept any measures in the relation “ conscientious objectors “.

“ Disobedient “ can dismiss

In regional Office of Public Prosecutor have explained that all actions of operators of cellular communication are lawful.

- “ Sibirtelekom “ And other operators carry out the governmental order, help law enforcement bodies, - Vladimir Medvedev, the chief of department of organizational maintenance and control of Office of Public Prosecutor of Krasnoyarsk region confirms. - this information will be stored at the operator and in case of need to be passed law enforcement officers. Such base existed and earlier. But now the decision to expand it is accepted. The data about a residence of the person will help to find without delays it in case of need. It will help to prevent acts of terrorism, for example. If the director of firm gives the information, it will secure not only all townspeople, but also itself(himself) in case phone of its company ktonibud ­ will use. Refusal will give given by a crime, and the criminal should be punished. If in a database the employee does not want to appear, the law allows to dismiss to the head such worker.


Tatyana Korytnikova, the private lawyer:

- the list of the data which are personal is presented To Declarations on human rights. No public services have the right to demand from person to give them. The present residence of the citizen concerns the personal data also. If the person have discharged from office because of an unaccordance of the information of personal character, it has the right to challenge this decision in a judicial order.