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Victor Khristenko can be invited to Duma session on September, 22nd

Head Minpromenergo of the Russian Federation Victor Khristenko can be invited to State Duma session on Thursday, on September, 22nd, 4 participation in discussion of a question on a rise in prices on gorjuche - lubricant mately.

" I think that 2MORO we can consider this question (ABT a rise in prices for PETROLEUM PRODUCTS) in the presence of Khristenko " - the speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov has told at plenary session on Wednesday, responding to the offer of the co-chairman of party " the Native land " Dmitry Rogozin.

Earlier the Duma council has made the decision that at session the information of Minister of economic development and trade Herman Gref and Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin on September, 22nd will be heard of the measures accepted by the government on stabilisation of the prices for motor fuel, indemnification of additional expenses to subjects of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other federal enforcement authorities, and also agricultural commodity producers in connection with rise in prices for fuel.

Acting at today`s session, Rogozin has suggested to invite to discussion of this question of Khristenko as it supervises fuel and power in the government.