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Lauruses: it is necessary to include everything in the list of terrorists, involved in acts of terrorism

Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Seregj of Lauruses considers that in the list of terrorists made by the United Nations, it is necessary to include not only members " Al - Kaidy " and " the Taliban " but also everything, involved in acts of terrorism.

" the List should be made through negotiations, through comparison of the data, documents which fix actions of those or other persons and the organisations. Hardly probable correctly to consider that the list of terrorists of the United Nations should be limited to members " Al - Kaidy " " the Taliban " and the organisations connected with them " - has told Lauruses to journalists.

As he said, people participating in actions, directed on sowing terror, members " merit the same relation, as; Al - Kaidy " and representatives of Talibs.

the Minister has noticed that inclusion of those or other surnames or the organisations in the list should be carried out on the basis of a consensus in the UN Security Council.