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Greece has allocated 2 million euro for school building in Beslan

Greece has allocated two million euro for school building in Beslan, has informed in News interview zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece to Evripidis Stilianidis.

" When the people of Russia have undergone to a barbarous terrorist attack in Beslan, we were the first who has expressed solidarity and sympathy to the suffered Russian people. We have acted together with the Greek church W the initiative of restoration of school in Beslan " - has noted Stilianidis.

" Cost of this project - about two millions euro, organisation Hellenis Aid under the aegis of Greek the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is carried out by financing, and the non-governmental organisation of the Greek church " Solidarity " takes responsibility for project realisation " - he has told.

According to the deputy minister, some days ago he has signed the order ABT allocation of first million euro. To Beslan the group of experts which together with the Russian authorities will define a place where the new school will be constructed has already left.

" As far as I know, it will be not there where the former school, and on a new place " settles down; - has informed Stilianidis.

" One of these days in the Athenian press there was a description of the ready plan on erection of new school. As I already SPK, the first payment in one million euro is countenanced that allows to begin WRK. As soon as the first part of WRK will come to the end, other means " will be allocated; - has told zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece.