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the National sign: " On Feodor the summer comes to an end, the autumn begins "

According to Gidrometeotsentra of Russia, on Saturday, on September, 24th in Moscow and Moscow Region the maximum temperature of air plus of 16 degrees is expected, minimum plus 7 will not fall more low.

Weather will be solar, deposits it is not expected. Atmospheric pressure will be made by 754 mm of a mercury column, relative humidity - 72 %. A wind severo - western, 1 - 3 metres per second.

According to the CTR of forecasts of geophysical conditions (IZMIRAN), geomagnetic conditions will change from quiet B4 slabovozmushchennoj.

On a national calendar - Feodor - obdera (the bread which has remained on a root), Feodor is upholstered - presoak tails. The third MTG of autumn: " On Feodor the summer comes to an end, the autumn begins " " And the Indian summer B4 Feodors will not hold on ". Already becomes sljakotno, even more often there are rains, therefore SPK: " Feodor - presoak tails " " Autumn Feodors tuck in a hem, winter Feodors (on January, 12th) a scarf close the person ". Considered: " Venerable Feodor - to any business amen ".

the Name-day is marked on September, 23rd by Dmitry, Herman, Sergey and Ija.