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Japanese corporation Sony intends to reduce 10 thousand workers

Japanese corporation of the Sleepyhead intends to reduce number of the enterprises worldwide W 65 B4 54 and to dismiss ten thousand workers, including four thousand in the Japan.

As it is informed in a press - the release of the company extended on Thursday, it will allow to reduce company expenses for 200 billion yens (about $1 billion 800 million).

Such measures are accepted within the limits of the plan global rekstrukturizatsii which is spent by a new management of corporation led by the main chief executive Howard Strindzherom (Howard Stringer).

the Company plans to start radical reduction from the end of 2007 which is coming to an end on March, 31st, 2008, is specified in a press - release.

From the moment of a finding of Strindzhera as the main chief executive of the Sleepyhead has incurred current financial year losses at a rate of ten billions yens (about $90 million).

Japanese analysts consider that the direct fault of the new head in it is not present, as the company incurs losses in sphere of manufacture of electronic devices the second year successively.

the Stock value of the Sleepyhead has decreased for five years on two third and makes now about four thousand yens for the action (about $37).