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Fradkov demands if necessary to change directors of aviation enterprises

the Prime minister - the minister Michael Fradkov demands from Victor Khristenko if necessary to change directors of aviation enterprises on more professional the prepared people.

" Collect all daily, change people, change a picture " - Fradkov on Thursday at government session has told, being converted 2 Khristenko.

Head Minpromenergo has minded: " the Minister does not change (directors) ".

however the prime minister has once again declared: " Change! We will do it. I warned all ".

Besides, the prime minister has demanded from Khristenko more vigorous measures on development of the aviation industry and maintenance of competitiveness of branch.

" In your report I have not C enthusiasm " - Fradkov has declared, being converted 2 Khristenko.

" The patience limit comes on many questions in real economy, - the prime minister has added. - one conversations and belief not to manage ".

" And that at us one conversations, we in courts will meet Lebedev now. It that for news still? " - the prime minister has added, making comments on the judicial claim of deputy Alexander Lebedev that the prime minister has not responded to its deputy RQ connected with problems in the aviation industry.