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the President of Syria will visit Saudi Arabia

the President of Syria Bashar Asad on Thursday will arrive W official visit to Saudi Arabia.

as the correspondent " passes; News " this visit is a part of intensive contacts between heads of the Arabian countries for the purpose of development of a uniform position the day before obshchearabskogo the summit which will take place in the end of March, 2002 in Beirut.

It is supposed that discussion of an intense situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Saudi peace initiative will be the basic subjects of negotiations of the Syrian president W the king of Saudi Arabia Fahdom and crown prince Abdalloj.

crown prince Abdalla has suggested to normalise relations between the Arabian countries and Israel under condition of outright release of all occupied Arabian territories. This offer has already got wide international support.

Local observers notice that before visit to Ayr - Rijad the Syrian president has visited on Sunday Beirut where has carried on negotiations with the Lebanese colleague Emilem Lahudom, one of the main things that which there was 2 a discussion of the Saudi initiative.

last time of Bashar Asad visited Saudi Arabia in September, 2001.