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Representatives of Belgium have expressed a deep regret concerning introduction of new tariffs for import of a steel to the USA

the State secretary on foreign affairs of Belgium Annemi Nejts and the Minister of Economics and scientific researches Charles Pike have expressed " a deep regret " concerning introduction of new tariffs by the United States for steel import/ from 8 B4 30 percents/. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " it is SPK in the special statement which the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has extended on Wednesday evening in Bruxelles.

according to ministers, this unilateral measure can mention the Belgian iron and steel industry essentially. Taking into account character of the steel production exported by Belgium, it is possible to expect that almost all production will fall under the maximum tariff in 30 percents, it is marked in the statement.

Taking into account economic interest of Belgium in export of metallurgical production to the USA and an occupation level in the given sector/ 19 tys 500 workplaces/ the Belgian party cannot agree with such measure of the United States.

besides fatal influence on the Belgian steel export the decision of the USA will lead to that the European market will be overflowed by production of metallurgy which will not find sale in the USA.

as it is underlined in the statement, Belgium will be converted 2 the European commission W the request to carry out consultations of the World Trade Organization for the purpose of the beginning of disputable procedure.

the European commissioner concerning trade of Paskal Lami on a press - conferences in Bruxelles has declared that " mirovyj the steel market is not the Wild West where ANY1 can do that to it will like ".