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the British members of parliament named " cynical and hypocritical " behaviour of administration of the USA in a question on increase of tariffs for import of metals

the British members of parliament named " cynical and hypocritical " behaviour of the American administration in a question on increase of tariffs for import of metals to the USA.

> as the correspondent " passes; News " such impartial epithets to George Bush and it " " commands; it was possible to hear time and again under the arches of the House of Commons of the British parliament where debate on this question has overnight come to the end.

" on a carpet " Patrisia Hjuit W the report ABT " has been called the minister of trade and the industry of Great Britain; a present situation " the arisen ambassador of the announcement of the USA of plans to erect impassable barriers to ways of movement of a steel and other metals for ocean.

As well as many other Englishwomen who have appeared in the politician, it on - muzhski has directly explained prisutstvovashim an estimation of an event and the office plans of action in developed sitautsii.

the Essence told by it is reduced to that the decision of the USA on this question " erroneous ". It is " obvious infringement " the rules of trade established by the WTO. The entered raised tariffs will strike and on Americans as such measures will slow down re-structuring of their metallurgical industry which only starts to get out of a status resessii. Great Britain together with the European Union will understand W it during approximately 2 - h years within the limits of the WTO, has noted Hjuit.

Now LDN together with Europeans quickly develops " resolved by WTO rules " measures on protection of the metallurgists against expected flow of import of metals from the basic countries where they are made.

Marvellously many who could observe performance of Hjuit, unceasingly repeated unknown development " special allied relations " between Great Britain and the USA.

the American allies the policy in tariff sphere in essence " have thrown " British, members of parliament who did not hesitate in a choice of formulations 4 expression of the position at a MTG with the representative of an office ascertained.

the most accurately general mood of members of parliament was expressed by a member of the House of Commons from the ruling Labour party of Dzhek Sanninghem. Having characterised actions of the USA, as " absolutely inadmissible " he has declared that the American management " arrives dishonestly as on the one hand it SPK about freedom and justice in trade, and W another - cynically resorts to classical protectionism ". Thus the member of parliament pocherknul that such actions in trade area from the USA are observed lately not for the first time. Thereupon Kanninghem has urged the government of Great Britain to develop quickly retaliatory measures which would be directly directed against the USA to trade areas. " it what now very much wanted by the British workers and their families " - he has told.

member of parliament Patrick Kormak representing conservative party, has offered the prime minister - to minister Tony Blair " on - kind, but firmly to talk " W the president George Bush. And, if such conversation takes place, to tell to it that friends of America to Great Britain countenancing actions of the government on allied support of the USA last MTH in antiterrorist struggle, regard a raising of tariffs as " the cynical action " the American administration, contradicting spirit " special American - the British relations ".

liberal democrat Vincent Kejbl who named them " has not less critically estimated actions American administration; Precipitate and from the economic POV silly ". Such actions, as he said, undermine process of liberalisation of world trade, are display " hypocrisy " also specify that Washington suggests all world community to accept a principle 2 execution: " do not arrive how we, and do that we SPK ".

Patrisia Hjuit, having promised to try to affect change of the decision American administartsii, kategorcheski has opposed any coordination of a question on import tariffs in the USA W active participation of Great Britain in joint W Americans borbre W the international terrorism. However, such statement has not been conceived as bessporone. So, labourite Tem Dejlell has directly declared necessity of the account for the global policy of that occurs now in the world metallurgical industry as a result of actions of the USA.