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current week in Finland B4 court 13 citizens of Russia

Courts of the Finnish cities of Porvo have appeared, Loviisa and Hejnola current week consider criminal cases in which 13 citizens of Russia appear in total.

in Porvo the court was not long. Constantly living in Finland the Russian citizen and the citizen are sentenced to 6 MTH of imprisonment conditionally for tax forgery, storage, intermediary and sale illicit tobacco and likero - vodka products.

in Loviisa 6 citizens of Russia are sentenced to various terms of imprisonment conditionally and 2 the fine in the sum 294 tys 935 euros for contraband 6 tys blocks of cigarettes, and also for concealment from taxes.

Besides, all denounced are deprived visas on abiding in Finland for a period of 5 years and vydvarjajutsja home.

in Hejnola 5 citizens of Russia are accused of the organisation of stealings of cars from Denmark, France and Sweden for the purpose of their illegal transit stage through Finland to Russia. According to matelam consequences, car thieves specialised on expensive cars of type " Ferrari ". Business hearing is complicated also by that during a stage of cars on territory of Finland, car thieves have made road accident in which one person was lost, and another has sustained serious injuries.

the judicial statistics of current week as by request, illustrates the recent statement of the Minister of Justice of Finland Johannesa Koskinena ABT increase in the criminal groupings which members basically are natives of Estonia and Russia.

now in prisons of Finland contains nearby 3,5 tys prisoners. Them them foreigners approximately 300, from which 100 - citizens of Estonia, and Russians not much more than 60.