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In Nigeria the high-ranking police officers are sent in resignation some, including its head

In Nigeria on Wednesday the high-ranking officials of police, including its head are sent in resignation some. Under the statement of the minister of the information western - the African country Dzherri Gany, this decision of Nigerian president Oluseguna Obasandzho accepted as a result of an emergency meeting W governors of states of the country, among other measures is directed on prevention of a general strike of ordinary and lowest command structure of police and the armed forces, planned for March, 11th.

as the correspondent " passes; News " making comments on resignation of the police chief, the governor of state of Kaduna Ahmed Makarfi has informed at a briefing that the general - inspector Musiliu Smith is removed from the fast that in last MTH has ignored arriving MSG on preparing strikes of policemen in a number of states of the country and has not accepted measures 4 their prevention.

Carrying out of a new protest action against the low salary police and long delays of its delivery, nonpayments of grants to soldiers and pensions to veterans of army was declared on Wednesday by a certain initiative group of the younger officers who have named with members " Patriotic front of armed forces and police of Nigeria ".

In the statement extended by group it is noticed that strike will carry " revolutionary character " and thereupon in avoidance " possible complications " it is offered to all diplomats, foreign businessmen to leave Nigeria. During the action guards intend to refuse the duties on public order and legality protection.

observers notice that preparing unprecedented in the history of Nigeria strike calls into question control of president Oluseguna Obasandzho over army and police.