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About 3 tons of illicit spirit the Russian frontier guards on a site of border W Georgia

have detained. About 3 tons of illicit spirit frontier guards of a check point " have detained; Top Lars " on Russian - the Georgian border on Sunday.

as have informed " News " in a press - service Severo - the Caucasian regional government FPS of Russia, spirit was in the car following to Georgia " Kamaz " with the Stavropol numbers. The car has been equipped by the tank in interceiling space of a metal body.

in a press - service have noticed that it already the second case of attempt of transportation of illicit spirit from our country to Georgia though before the stream of such cargo traditionally went from the adjacent state.

on February, 28th in a check point " Bottom Zaromag " 2 export attempt to Georgia 6 tys 880 litres of not declared spirit poured on butts and canisters, hidden in the car " has been stopped; Kamaz " under empties, have informed in a press - service.