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Customs officers have stopped export of a skeleton of the Amur tiger

In the Vladivostok sea trading port frontier guards have stopped attempt of export from Russia of derivatives - a full skeleton of the Amur tiger.

cost of a skeleton of a tiger in the black Asian market reaches 10 tys US dollars. Bones of this predator have great demand in east medicine.

as have informed on Wednesday in a press - the CTR of Pacific regional government of FSB, in June frontier guards had the information on attempt of creation of the channel of contraband of derivatives of the Amur tiger through check points from Russia in the countries of Asia.

persons who prepared for illegal sale and export abroad the first full skeleton of a striped predator have been established.

during joint operation of frontier guards and employees of special nature protection inspection " the Tiger " near a checkpoint of port W polichnym three citizens of Russia have been detained.

According to Far East branch of the World fund of the wild nature, now in Seaside and Khabarovsk edges resides about 400 Amur tigers brought in the international Red book.