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the atomic power station " Santa - Maria de - Garonja " goes to pieces

On the case of the oldest in Spain of the atomic power station located nearby to a city of Burgos, the quantity of cracks increases.

this data has CFMed on Wednesday, on July, 16th, experts of Advice of nuclear security of Spain which operates at the government and supervises all Spanish atomic power stations.

in this connection representatives of Spanish " Green Peace " have supported the prompt closing of the atomic power station " Santa - Maria de - Garonja " which, according to the licence, can work at least till 1009.

despite expert opinions - jadershchikov and fears of active workers " Green Peace " the company " Nuklenor " the maintaining atomic power station in Burgos, considers that " there are no bases to be afraid for security of station ".

Moreover, in the company notice that " profitability constructed in 1982 " Santa - Maria de - Garonja " Every year raises ".

Nevertheless as marks a Spanish management " Green Peace " " increase of problems on the Spanish atomic power stations calls the big alarm ".

on July, 4th, 2003 the atomic power station " Almaras " about the city of Kaseres in a province of Estremadura has been stopped from - for the failures, called by short circuit in one of transformers. Before it has been urgently stopped still on May, 6th.

on June, 10th, 2003 the atomic power station " Kofrentes " near Valencia has been stopped, control over the turbine and the generator has been lost.

on May, 1st, 2003 the atomic power station " Vendelos - 2 " near Tarragona has been stopped for a cause of a failure of one of control gauges of temperature of the steam generator necessary for cooling of the reactor.

on April, 24th, 2003 it was necessary to stop at some o`clock of the atomic power station " Trilo - 1 " In a province Guadalajara near Madrid as in it has occurred from - for failures in a primary chain of the reactor.

the largest incident in the atomic power station of Spain has occurred in 1986, when on the atomic power station " Vendelos - 1 " about Tarragona there was a strong fire. From - for it the station should be closed 4EVER. The atomic power stations dismantled and have constructed nearby new station " Vendelos - 2 " on which 2 often there are states of emergency.