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the Government gives particular attention to the organisation of summer holiday 4 pupils spetsuchrezhdeny - Galina Karelova

the Russian government pays during the current year considerable ATTN to carrying out of specialised measures 4 pupils of specialised establishments 4 minors within the limits of preventive maintenance of neglect and offences of minors. It has declared on Wednesday vitse - the prime minister of the government of the Russian Federation Galina Karelova, opening selector meeting in the government house, devoted to carrying out of children`s summer improving campaign.

by words Karelovoj, similar actions are spent within the limits of the program " Preventive maintenance of neglect and offences of minors " the federal target program " Children of Russia " on 2003 - 2006.

within the limits of realisation of this program in 2003 competition of programs of profile camps 4 children who are in a difficult reality situation has been held. " By results of competition are financed profile camp in 24 subjects of the Russian Federation " - has underlined Karelova. For these purposes, as she said, it is allocated by 40 million 680 tys roubles.

Vitse - the prime minister has noticed that 4 children from the rural areas which are in a difficult reality situation, in six subjects of Federation in 2003 profile changes 2 have been organised. Thus the total amount of financing of the profile camps organised by Ministry of Labor of Russia, will make 43 million roubles, Galina Karelova has concluded.