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In the homeland of Mikluho - Maklay there will pass Maklaevsky readings

In B`DAY of well-known Russian traveller Nikolay Mikluho - Maklay on its native land in Okulovsky area of the Novgorod region there will pass Maklaevsky readings.

as have informed " News " in administrations of the Novgorod region, the seventeenth Maklaevsky readings will open on Thursday at a monument to the traveller in the city of Okulovke.

In Okulovsky museum of local lore of a name of Mikluho - Maklay participants of readings will visit the constant exhibition telling about life of the traveller, and also two new lay-outs of the exhibition.

at an exhibition " Gifts to a museum " will be presented various mately, photos and the books, presented to regional specialists researchers of life of Mikluho - Maklay. Here the exhibition of WRK young okulovskih artists " will be developed; We are Maklay`s fellow countrymen ".

After visitation of a museum participants of Maklaevsky readings will go to a place of Jazykovo - Christmas where on a glade at a memorable sign on Mikluho - to Maklay youth competition by a principle of a popular game show " will take place; Last hero ". Upon termination of game regional specialists will come back in Okulovsky museum of local lore where there will pass a scientific part of readings.

besides regional specialists of the Novgorod region, visitors will take part in Maklaevsky readings from - for a boundary and relatives of the Russian traveller. In particular, on Readings niece Olga Mikluho - Maklay is expected it pravnuchataja.

Nikolay Nikolaevich Mikluho - Maklay was born on July, 17th, 1846 in village Jazykovo - Christmas Borovichsky district of the Novgorod province. The world popularity to the Russian traveller was brought by its ethnographic researches in 1870 - 1880 in the countries Jugo - East Asia, Australia and Ocenia.